2. 100% Rule

100% Rule

Ensure that your crystals are 100% Swarovski® Branded Crystals.

The reference to the Swarovski trademark is acceptable only if you have taken reasonable steps to ensure that the crystals that you resell or that you use in your own products are indeed 100% Swarovski® Branded Crystals. If you are buying directly from Swarovski, it is of course safe to assume that the crystals you have purchased are genuine Swarovski products. However, if you source through other trade channels, you should take all necessary steps to ascertain that the products you have purchased are authentic Swarovski® Branded Crystals. Be aware that there are sellers of counterfeit and mislabeled product. Be wary of your supplier and ask for proof that the products are Swarovski® Branded products and that he or she has sourced the products from Swarovski.