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Book of dreams by Swarovski

Crystal inspirations

Book of Dreams Volume II

The Book of Dreams Volume II

‘The Book of Dreams is the embodiment of Swarovski’s creative DNA, summed up as: be curious, be nonconformist, explore new frontiers, challenge assumptions,’ says Markus Langes-Swarovski.

Inspirations for great designs

What is the Book of Dreams?

The Book of Dreams Volume II is a luxery artist’s portfolio with 55 loose artworks that serve as a source of inspiration. Focused around 9 trend themes, the stunning Book of Dreams Volume II is a collection of crystal artworks, moods, fashion stories and still lives showcasing harmony and contrast. Swarovski Crystals in myriad shapes, colors and effects are juxtaposed with masterpieces of nature such as flowers and feathers, while vivid sparkle is added to otherwise two-dimensional images, some of which have been taken from the rich treasures of the Swarovski Corporate Archive.

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A voyage around the world

Bring a Souvenir

These images take you on an imaginary, fantastical journey from a magical flower garden to a feather sunset. Alongside Large Pear Fancy Stones in Light Rose and Chrysolite, Xilion Navette Fancy Stones in Tangerine and white Crystal Pearls, they entice us to embark on a magnificent voyage around the world.

Example of bring a souvenir from a beach by Swarovski
Example of bring a feather souvenir by Swarovski
Example of bring a feather souvenir by Swarovski
Example of bring a souvenir from garden by Swarovski

Say it with flowers

Gardening is a leitmotif that blooms throughout the book displaying a variety of the most eccentric and magical Swarovski Crystal shapes and colors. Discover the perfect symmetry of flower petals in drop-shaped crystals such as Pear Fancy Stones in Fuchsia and Crystal Buttercup, or play with the intricate cuts of Big Oval Fancy Stones in Crystal Lime and Cushion Fancy Stones in Aquamarine.

Example of say it with flowers by Swarovski
Example of say it with flowers by Swarovski


“I find only freedom in the realms of eccentricity” — David Bowie

Example of eccentricity inspiration by Swarovski
Maria Carla Boscono gives life to the theme Eccentricity photographed by Pierpaolo Ferrari. Showcasing ‚don‘t be afraid to be different‘. Instead be bold and unique. Mix unexpected proportions and color combinations to be the center of attention. More is more.

Adding sparkle to 2D artwork

Vintage pictures embroidered with Swarovski stones

Vintage pictures embroidered with crystals

Embroidery meets crystal

Chilean artist Jose Romussi gives new life to images by overlaying intricate and unique embroidered patterns. For Swarovski’s Book of Dreams Volume II he added yet another dimension by using needle and thread to weave crystals such as Drop Sew-on Stones in Golden Shadow, Xirius Roses in Antique Pink and Light Colorado Topaz and Navette Flat Backs in Emerald onto a beautiful selection of iconic images.

Old posters crystallized with Swarovski stones

Old Poster revived

Vintage crystallized

A vintage Swarovski advertising poster provides the perfect backdrop for an intricately sparkling collage by Argentinian artist Grillo Demo in Swarovski’s Book of Dreams Volume II. The result is a magical celebration of fantasy, art and Swarovski Crystals.

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