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Example of how to apply Swarovski stones using soldering, plating and stone setting method

Soldering, plating & stone setting

All information and products on the soldering, plating & stone setting of Swarovski crystals

Swarovski offers many comprehensive, diverse application options, and Soldering, plating and stone setting are some of the simplest and easiest. Soldering in particular is ideal for creating state-of-the-art jewelry and accessories—and is supported by a wide product assortment.

Application Videos — How to use the soldering, plating and stone setting method

How to solder Swarovski crystal

Machines, tools & aids to solder Swarovski stones

Machines, tools & aids for soldering

When it comes to soldering, you have lots of tools at your disposal.
  • micro soldering kit
  • propane gas burner
  • blow torch
  • solder molds
  • polishing machine

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How to work with Swarovski solder molds

How to work with solder molds

Every piece of soldered jewelry starts with a solder mold. First, solder the original model of the jewelry piece—you will then press it into a suitable impression material, such as express cement. Once the material hardens, the original model can be removed and you can start using your new jewelry mold.

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Prepare for soldering Swarovski stones

How to prepare for soldering

Make sure you start with clean tools and materials to ensure proper application. And be safe—solder only in a space with adequate ventilation while wearing protective clothing, eyewear and gloves.

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Time and temperature to solder Swarovski stones

Soldering time and temperature

The right flame size and application time are crucial to making a beautiful piece of jewelry. Only heat the part of the jewelry piece where the solder should flow. If the flame is held too long on the jewelry piece, the piece and the crystals may become overheated and damaged or destroyed. You should also avoid a sudden drop in temperature after the soldering process as this could chip the crystal.

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How to set and plate Swarovski crystals

Apply Swarovski stones using stone setting method

Stone setting Swarovski crystals

Stone setting is the art of securely setting crystals into jewelry. Crystals can be set manually (using pliers, metal spatulas or punching tools) or by machine. Setting types include bezel, prong and gluing, and setting methods include sewing, soldering, mechanical and threading.

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How to plate Swarovski stones

Plating Swarovski stones

Plating finishes the jewelry piece by electrolytically adding metallic coatings to the surface of the material. It’s important to ensure that the individual colors and coating effects of your materials can withstand plating. For further information, please see the color overview in the current Swarovski Crystal Collection.

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It’s all here — the step–by–step instructions for applying Swarovski crystals to your desired material. Read online or download now.


Products best suited for Soldering, plating and stone setting

Round Stones — Simply round Swarovski crystals

Round Stones

Simply round crystals

Round Stones are loose crystal elements offered in a range of sizes, cuts and colors. Most are pointed on the reverse, making them easy to fit into metal claw settings or glue into pre-cast cavities.

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