Soldering, Plating and Stone Setting

Swarovski offers an ideal product selection for soldering, allowing for simple and problem-free production of state-of-the-art jewelry pieces and accessories. Further techniques, such as plating and stone setting, complement the comprehensive and diverse application options offered by Swarovski.

The following products are suitable for soldering, plating, and stone setting:

Learn about the machines, tools and aids which can be used for soldering Swarovski crystals and find detailed information to all process steps such as:

  • how to produce a mold,

  • the proper preparation for the soldering process,

  • the solder process itself,

  • different possibilities to set a Swarovski crystal to a setting,

  • how to clean a soldered piece to avoid corrosion,

  • what to consider when plating Swarovski crystal products.

For additional information regarding our suitable Swarovski products, machinery and tools, and to find more detailed instructions about Soldering, Plating, and Stone Settings, open the Swarovski Application Manual e-book.

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To learn more about the simple and easy attaching of an end-fastener to a Cupchain in order to create stunning jewelry pieces, watch/download this movie:

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Soldering, Plating and Stone Setting

Application Instruction Soldering, Plating and Stone Setting

Last Update: 10 / 2018

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