Self-adhesive Elements

Self-adhesive Elements are eye-catching and innovative products that come ready-to-apply. Their glue-covered reverse side allows easy and fast application - like applying a sticker!

When applied on paper and solid surfaces, they can create fantastic designs. Coldfix is a perfect alternative for leather and textiles which are not suitable for Hotfix Application.

Self-adhesive elements have a coating of a pressure-sensitive glue on the back, enabling swift, simple application. This glue is activated by pressure (applied either by hand, rubber roller or heat press), and bonds with the carrier material.

Crystal-it Infinity and Synthetic-it motifs are suitable for the application on solid materials, while Coldfix is suitable for application on textile materials and leather which are not suitable for Hotfix-application.

Following Swarovski products are available as Self-adhesive Elements:

When applying Swarovski Self-adhesive Elements, optimal results are obtained by coordinating the entire application process:

  • Creating a cavity for Crystal Fabric-it, Crystaltex-it, Crystaltex Chaton-it, Crystal Rocks-it, Crystal Fine Rocks-it and Crystal Ultrafine Rocks-it to protect them against mechanical and chemical stress and for easy positioning

  • Checking the surface tension and pre-treatment

  • Preparation before applying the Self-adhesive Elements

  • The proper application

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Self-Adhesive Elements

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Last Update: 10 / 2018

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