Swarovski’s Application Information & Services

We can offer guidance and expertise to ensure you create products of the highest quality using our extraordinary Swarovski crystals. Whether your industry is jewelry, fashion or interior design, there is a Swarovski expert waiting to help you apply our products correctly and efficiently, to ensure a design’s longevity and radiance.

Swarovski aims to meet the needs of each industry, and to jointly offer flexible and integrated solutions.

Download & Read the Swarovski Application Manual

The Application Manual offers extensive information on the various application services provided by Swarovski. All application techniques and processes involved are described in this manual on a step-by-step basis, with photos and illustrations.

Application Manual

Application Manual

Last Update: 10 / 2018

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Within our eBook guide, we will answer common questions regarding Swarovski products, including:

  • How to apply Swarovski crystals to fabric and solid materials?

  • What machines, tools and aids are needed for each application technique and where to find a proper supplier?

  • How to care for and clean Swarovski crystals affixed to products?

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Swarovski also delivers worldwide application service support:

Technical Enquiry Service
We support you with product information, technical drawings, information on industry standards and care instructions. This service can also arrange individual application tests based on customer samples and provide information on machines, tools, and aids. Get in contact with Swarovski’s Technical Applications team.

Compliance Service
Our Compliance Service provides certificates, information on laws and regulations, compliance information regarding Swarovski crystals, and compliance statements to customer-specific requirements. Here you can find all relevant information about Swarovski’s Product Compliance.

Technical Customer Support – Field Services
Swarovski imparts its crystal application expertise through customized crystal application workshops, crystal application consultancy, troubleshooting, and technical assessments. These can take place either on customers’ premises or at Swarovski locations. The focus is always on a customer’s individual needs, the efficient use of Swarovski products, and on the quality of the crystal application. Get in contact with Swarovski’s Technical Applications Support.

Swarovski’s Application Partner Network
The Application Partner Network enables you to find the right application partner swiftly and easily, wherever in the world production may be taking place. Swarovski’s global application partners can assist you with a variety of application techniques, such as gluing, Hotfix application, sewing, embroidery, mechanical application, soldering and working with Ceralun. In addition, many partners can carry out technically complex solutions, such as automated, mechanical application of Rivets. If you are interested in becoming a partner or you need to find a partner, please contact the Applications department via this form and your request will be processed as fast as possible.

Find out more about Swarovski products, application techniques, tips and tools by accessing the Applications eBook.

Swarovski Application Manual e-book Online

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Application Manual

General Information

Application Manual

Last Update: 10 / 2018

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