2740 Triangle Gamma Flat Back

5275669 Triangle Gamma Flat Back, Light Siam, Line Drawing

The striking three-sided geometry of the Triangle Gamma Flat Back, par...t of the Triangle Trilogy together with the Triangle Alpha and the Triangle Beta Flat Back, is the perfect answer to the current demand for individualism and self-expressive styling. Versati...le and flexible, this crystal shape is deservedly popular for its ability to mix-'n'-match easily with looks that suit any stage of life. The Triangle Gamma Flat Back's shape enables it to fit well with a multitude of patterns and motifs, including mosaics, and its faceting goes beautifully with Swarovski's other geometric crystals, too.

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Flat Backs No Hotfix
Triangle, Asymmetric
Material No.:
Light Siam
Color Code:
Crystal Colors:
Plain Colors
Platinum-colored Pro Foiling

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