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Xirius is not only the most brilliant crystal on the market but can be applied in many ways. Besides the original round stone cut, Xirius is also available as a pendant, flat back hotfix and no hotfix, sew-on stone and lochrose. Xirius is perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to any textile, accessory, footwear or interior decoration


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Swarovski Xirius – brilliance newly defined

Discover a breathtaking crystal standard

Sirius is considered the brightest star in the night sky – and has now given its name to the latest crystal from the House of Swarovski. With Swarovski Xirius Chaton and Sew-On Stone, this long-established company has created an innovative crystal standard of breath taking brilliance and luminosity, taking another step closer to the intense sparkle of genuine gemstones.

Discover a revolutionary cut that reaches a new level of light and shine thanks to the X-Cut and the most advanced crystal glass material, the Advanced Crystal. With the Xirius cut, Swarovski has created a new, highly resistant and record-breaking brilliant generation of crystal stones.

Intense luminosity in numerous designs

Experience the breathtaking brilliance of our new crystal standard in numerous shapes and colors and find a design that is perfectly tailored to your needs. The Swarovski Xirius is available, amongst other things, as a practical Flat Back Hotfix and No Hotfix, as a sew-on such as the Lochrose and also in our "semi-finished" elements, for example as an iron-on motif. Of course, you can also purchase Swarovski Xirius crystals as chatons using the Ceralun process for easy application like classical gluing in a cavity or using the Ceralun process.

The round shape or the elegant drop shape for crystal pendants are particularly popular Xirius cut Swarovski crystals. And in terms of colors and effects, the Xirius family stands out with a wide selection that offers boundless application and design options. From elegant tones like Emerald and Red Magma to subtle surface effects like the iridescent Aurore Borealis or the precious Crystal Paradise Shine, be enchanted by the beguiling radiance of these luxurious crystals.

Swarovski Xirius – countless application options

The crystals in Swarovski's innovative Xirius range are sought-after decorative elements that are no longer just appreciated by the jewelry industry but are used in a variety of other areas. No wonder: this level of brilliance impresses on every surface. Use this glow to give clothing and accessories such as jeans, dresses or elegant high heels an irresistible sparkle. Make costumes for stage and screen spectacular through the intense Xirius rays. The glass crystals are also a popular decoration in exclusive residencies and enrich doorknobs, handles and designer lighting.