Naildesign & Crystal Pixie

Unique to the market, the Square, Triangle and Navette Mini Size Flat Backs are tiny crystals suitable for delicate and highly detailed designs, including filigree patterns—such as is the case in nailart. Versatile and easily combinable, the palette offers classic colors as well as spectacular high-shine effects.


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Swarovski nail art — for professional first–class nail creations

Flat back crystals with versatile applications

Let your nail design shine with precisely cut crystals. Small Flat Back Crystals from Swarovski — available in sizes between 2 and 4 millimeters — are ideal for applying to nails. The rhinestones come in a total of 60 colors and many different cuts, shimmer effects and shapes such as drop, rhombus, flame or heart. Properly glued, nothing can prevent you from creating your sparkling nail art.

Gluing sparkling crystals precisely: Swarovski nail art

Swarovski nail stones are best applied using the right tool. A rhinestone picker, the right adhesive, an adhesive dispenser and cleaning tools are recommended.

See our Gluing Application Guide for the best way to apply your nail decoration. Some important tips: Only apply your Swarovski nail art to grease-free nails. If the nails are already painted, you should still wash them before gluing. For a more radiant effect, use the tiny Crystalpixies. Depending on the design, you may also need to apply a transparent top coat at the end to fixate your creation.

Dramatic or ornate nails — Swarovski nail art

From Emerald, Crystal Golden Shadow to Light Rose, Swarovski nail art offers the perfect crystal colors and shapes for every manicure look. Combine black nail polish with transparent or dark blue crystals in a contemporary cut for a rock chic look.

Soften the mood with playful pastel shades such as Light Amethyst or the iridescent Crystal Aurore Boreale in all the colors of the rainbow. Dark sparkling crystals such as Siam or Purple Velvet go well with an elegant evening design.

Nails dipped in stardust with Crystalpixie

The latest nail creation from Swarovski, Crystalpixie, offers even more opportunities to make radiant grand entrances. To create this nail design, sprinkle tiny Swarovski crystals on wet nail polish. These crystals, of course, complement the nail polish in both color and style. Choose from on-trend Crystalpixie Bubbles or the elegant Crystalpixie Edge, small crystals with a particularly sharp double-cone cut.