Crystalpixie is an innovative nail art product, which consists of hundreds of tiny crystals that are applied with nail polish or gel. These crystals create spectacular, shimmering 3D-effects. Offering a multitude of colors and effects, creating trend or special occasion looks has never been this easy.

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Crystalpixie: Nails Dipped in Stardust

Swarovski® Create Your Style Crystalpixie nail art kits have taken nails to a dazzling new level. Sold wholesale and packaged as neat shots of wonder-dust, choose from the spiky glitz-punk of Crystalpixie Edge or the finer, smoother crystals of Crystalpixie Petite. Directional palettes make it possible for salon professionals to create luxury nail art for customers with ease.

With its high-shine, high-impact 3D effect, Swarovski® Create Your Style Crystalpixie is a favorite wholesale nail art kit with salon owners. Each nail box contains a measure of Crystalpixie and a collection of Swarovski Crystal Flat Backs in three complementary shades; these are regularly updated with seasonal launches of on-trend colors and effects and limited-edition themes. The instruction leaflet includes a design sheet with creative ideas to inspire nail artists to come up custom looks for clients.

Crystalpixie Petite

Ideal for creating spectacular nail-art effects, the popular Crystalpixie Petite nail art wholesale kit comprises a faceted bottle containing thousands of tiny Swarovski crystals with a smooth, round profile, enabling beautifully refined 3D finishes. The palette features a variety of themes, such as the pretty Cute Mood and Candy Land; the seductive Starry Night and Exotic East; the ultra-glam Deluxe Rush and Classy Sassy; and the eye-catching Rock Shock and Comic Pop. Most recently, Crystalpixie Petite launched a collection of five vibrant new colors: Love’s Passion, Ocean Dreams, Jungle Green, Fruity Orange and Sunshine Kiss. The mood is lush, color-saturated and hyper-sensory. All colors are now available in either the 5- or the 10-gram measure.

Crystalpixie Edge

Create striking glam-punk nails with the spiky Crystalpixie Edge wholesale nail art kit. Inside each box is a stylish, faceted 5-gram bottle or 10-gram jar. The clue to its unique qualities is reflected in the sharp silhouette of the bottle cap: the loose crystals have a bigger, sharper bi-cone cut that creates edgier statement looks. Again, its directional palette offers an array of moods: the romantic White Ballet and Blossom Purple; the mysterious Sahara Blue and Heart’s Desire; or the fresh Tropic Seafoam and fun Cute Mood. Crystalpixie Edge can be used alone or mixed and matched with the more refined Petite for further design possibilities.

Salon style is simple

Inspiration and instructions for how to create looks designed by the world’s top nail artists is included in every Swarovski® Create Your Style Crystalpixie nail art kit. This is useful for creating not just everyday crystal manicures, but also nail art for special occasions such as weddings, Christmas parties and summer holidays. Simply apply the nail lacquer base coat before dipping or sprinkling nails with Swarovski’s magical pixie dust. For further creative embellishment, Flat Back crystals can then be applied to nails using cosmetic glue.

Nail art know-how

Swarovski’s state-of-the-art, precision-cutting technology makes Crystalpixie the premium wholesale nail art kit on the market. Its brilliant fire and light cannot be replicated by anyone else. Swarovski also sets the trends: it collaborates with top couturiers to create the runway nail looks that others follow, while working with some of the best nail artists in the world to create the deluxe nail art palettes. When it comes to statement glamour, Swarovski Crystalpixie has nailed it.