CRYSTALPIXIE™ is an innovative nail art product, which consists of hundreds of tiny crystals that are applied with nail polish or gel. These crystals create spectacular, shimmering 3D effects. Offering a multitude of colors and effects, creating trend or special occasion looks has never been this easy.


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Swarovski Crystalpixie: Reach for the stars

Crystalpixie by Swarovski — for high level nail design

Discover Swarovski’s Crystalpixie for luxurious, glittering nail designs.. Choose between Crystalpixie Edge, a collection of sparkling rhinestones, and Crystalpixie Petite, featuring fine, smooth crystals for striking 3D effects. Swarovski is thrilled to introduce CRYSTALPIXIE™ Bubble Medium and Bubble Large, a sparkling revolution for nail art. Leading the trend for glossy textures, made from non-facetted crystal balls in one medium and one large size, the unexpected finish reconnects us with our sense of wonder, all cocooned in a bubble-capped container as exquisite as the product itself.

Applying Crystalpixie is simple, but the look is incomparably luxurious. First, apply the base coat and nail polish. Then, secondly, either dip the fingernails into the Swarovski pixie dust or sprinkle it over the nails.

Swarovski Crystalpixie: not just first—class crystals for nails

Crystalpixie is an absolute premium product in the nail art beauty market. Thanks to cutting–edge precision–grinding technology, the sparkle of these microscopic Swarovski stones for nails is to date unique.

Crystalpixie’s magical pixie dust has long been a trendsetter. Renowned fashion designers work with Swarovski to develop high–quality nail art for the world’s catwalks. Nail artists across the globe rely on the luxury brand and have long known that Crystalpixie is number one for best–in–class results.

Crystalpixie Petite or Crystalpixie Edge?

Crystalpixie Petite is well known for the smooth, round profiles of its Swarovski crystals and the ability to create the finest 3D nail art designs.