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Swarovski Special – flower pins for your table decorations

Decorative pins for glittering highlights in an instant

Flowers and crystals: This results in a sensational mix, which, depending on the chosen style, sometimes looks romantic, sometimes glamorous. Swarovski's flower pins create magical accents in your floral arrangements. Florists and artists around the world love them for their ease of use and their almost endless sparkle. Tucked between the flowers, the pins are reminiscent of the translucent glint of dewdrops. They catch the light and scatter it so that they discreetly focus attention on the creation they are there to perfect.

Swarovski flower pins are available in a variety of cuts and shapes. They are attached to a standard 30 cm (11¾ inch) stainless steel wire, the length of which you can cut with wire cutters to suit your particular decoration.

Oval, round or heart shaped: Flower pins with crystals

The elegant, stainless steel flower pins with a slightly pointed end are crowned by mounted or unmounted Swarovski crystals in many shapes and cuts. A round crystal in Xirius cut breaks the light a thousand times and is particularly suitable for a glamorous look, while a classic crystal in navette or oval form produces subtle shimmering effects. If you are looking for a romantic Valentine's Day or wedding look, then you can’t go wrong with heart-shaped flower pins to put in your sweetheart or loved one’s bouquet.

How to use the flower pins in your design

Using Swarovski flower pins in your flower arrangement is easy. The pins can sparkle in the middle of each flower or, more subtly, be placed between the petals. This is ideal for filled flowers such as roses, carnations or buttercups. Choose decorative pins with a slightly larger stone and place them individually between the flowers in your bouquet.

Beautiful crystal accents are particularly perfect for bridal bouquets. In your bridal bouquet, for example, decorate the half-closed flower heads of roses with a flower pin as a sparkling center. The decorative suggestions for weddings in our online shop offer even more inspiration for the wedding day. Here, you will also find pearls or crystal buttons for embroidery, sewing or for jewelry making.