Small Packing Units

When a low quantity of crystal is needed, or you’d like to see how it looks in a design, we can supply you with small packing units of 10 or 100 crystals.


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Small packing units – just what you need

Swarovski crystals: The best things come in small packages

You don’t always need to buy Swarovski crystals in bulk. With our small packing options, you can try out beads and crystals in batches of 10 or 100 pieces – an ideal solution for when you want to experiment with new designs.

The ideal alternative to buying Swarovski crystals in bulk

Do you need just a few crystals for your design? Are you looking to experiment or try something new? Do you want extra crystals to complete a look?

Whatever you need, you can order a vast range of crystals from the assortment in smaller quantities of 10 or 100 crystals. It’s the perfect alternative to purchasing Swarovski beads and crystals in bulk – with no risk of unwanted crystals, no storage problems, and minimum outlay.
Swarovski Professional is the convenient way for fashion designers, interior design professionals and nail artists to buy Swarovski crystals in bulk. However, Swarovski also covers the needs of professionals looking for smaller quantities of high-quality crystals wholesale.

Explore the Swarovski range 10 crystals at a time

If you are new to Swarovski, discover the brilliance and sophistication of Swarovski Hotfix and regular crystals by choosing a selection of small packing units. There are 10 or 100 crystals per packing unit, but no limit to your imagination. So if you want to try out a new design or product concept using Swarovski crystals, order a small quantity now.

No need to order Swarovski crystals in bulk: Complete your design with small packing units

If you have an inspirational design that needs that finishing touch, remember that you can easily order a small pack of Swarovski crystals whenever you want. For example, captivating Flat Back Swarovski crystals, available in bulk sizes of 10 or 100 crystals, can also be ordered in small packing units. And they’ll be with you in no time.
Don’t feel you have to buy crystals in bulk every time you shop with Swarovski – we’re happy to fulfill even the smallest order. Whatever the size of your business, explore the world of Swarovski today.