Sew-on Articles

Sew-on Articles are loose crystals that can be easily sewn onto any type of textile or accessory. They can be used in a wide range of decorative applications and have rounded edges to guarantee thread protection.

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Swarovski Crystal Sew-On Stones: A Touch of Luxury

The beauty of Swarovski Crystal Sew-on Stones is their variety, versatility, and ability to transform garments and accessories into bespoke luxury items. They not only boast myriad shapes, colors and effects, they also offer a range of hole options that suit multiple decorative purposes. Sew-on Stones can be applied either by hand or machine to any textile, and they can also be used in beading techniques such as threading and wirework. One very useful feature is the holes’ perfectly rounded edges, designed to protect thread or cord from wear and tear. Included in this category are Crystal Buttons and the single-hole Lochrosen, with the multifaceted XIRIUS Lochrosen and XIRIUS Sew-on Stone the category’s star performers, perfect for imparting exceptional brilliance to embroidery and jewelry.

Who are Swarovski Crystal Sew-on Stones for?

Suitable for a range of segments, Swarovski Crystal Sew-on Stones are often used to add brilliance to dancesport, with its show-stopping costumes that reflect the light and enhance movement. Sew-on Stones also have a high profile in the bridal and eveningwear segments. Less traditional uses, but nonetheless popular, include soft furnishings. Meanwhile, with bags and shoes currently regarded as high-value statement pieces, accessory designers turn to Swarovski Crystal Sew-on Stones to add premium luxury.

What are Swarovski Crystal Sew-on Stones’ Details?

Most importantly for maximizing breadth of design direction, Swarovski Crystal Sew-on Stones offer a choice of two or three round, oval or triangular holes, along with the single-hole Lochrosen and Crystal Buttons with two or four holes. Swarovski Crystal Buttons are notable for being made entirely of crystal, without the need for metal or plastic backs.

Silhouettes range from simple profiles such as the Rivoli or Rivoli Square Sew-on to the strikingly asymmetric, such as the De-Art or Cosmic Sew-on. Among the pictorial cuts are the Heart Sew-on and Clover Crystal Button, with classic gem shapes represented by crystals like the Drop and Cosmic Baguette Sew-on. For fancy faceting, the Chessboard Crystal Button and Twist Sew-on are in demand, and for designs that call for extreme brilliance, the XIRIUS Lochrosen and XIRIUS Sew-on are a top choice.

The options for color and surface effect combinations are limitless. The Crystal Sew-on Stone palette features a full spectrum of 18 dazzling colors from clear Crystal all the way to Jet. A kaleidoscopic range of 19 eye-catching effects includes the classic Crystal Golden Shadow, the exclusive Crystal Scarabaeus Green designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, and the famous Crystal Aurora Borealis that was created in partnership with Christian Dior in 1956. Five striking Crystal Patina tones come in Crystal White, Rose, Silver, Gold, or Black Patina.

Where/When Should Swarovski Crystal Sew-on Stones Be Used?

Swarovski Crystal Sew-on Stones make spectacular decorative embellishments for finely embroidered eveningwear, cocktail dresses, and dancesport costumes, as well as on-trend styles such as customized denim and leather. Lochrosen are popularly used in bridalwear and traditional gowns, while Crystal Buttons’ functionality and decorative appeal are perfect for giving a luxe look to everything from blouses and dresses to jackets and cardigans. Swarovski Crystal Sew-on Stones can also be used in all kinds of jewelry designs; try a larger fancy cut such as the Bow Tie Sew-on as a focal point, or use a simple round article as a linking element.

Why Swarovski Crystal Sew-on Stones?

Swarovski Crystal Sew-on Stones benefit from Swarovski’s long heritage of technical expertise and flawless perfection in cut, color and artistry, and are prized by designers for embellishing garments, fashion accessories, jewelry, and home décor items. Beadwork, jewelry and embroidery have a much longer lifespan when wear and tear on the cord or thread is minimized: Swarovski is the only crystal manufacturer with the technology to create holes with smooth, rounded edges at the entry and exit points, which means that Swarovski Crystal Sew-on Stones cause no abrasion. Particularly relevant to Swarovski Crystal Buttons, which can come into contact with skin, is the fact that the entire Swarovski Crystal assortment is lead-free* and meets the highest standards of safety, including Oeko-Tex® certification.

* Crystal glass and all other materials containing 0.009 % lead or less.

How Are Swarovski Crystal Sew-on Stones Applied?

All articles in the Swarovski Crystal Sew-on Stones category can be applied by machine or hand. This is especially useful for Swarovski Crystal Buttons, because machine application makes it easy to attach them in large quantities. Lochrosen is more commonly sewn by hand, but it can also be mechanically attached using a standard domestic sewing machine or an industrial embroidery machine. Meanwhile, handcrafting techniques can be used for embroidery, or even crochet and knitting, where stones can be threaded onto wool. It is also possible to thread Swarovski Crystal Sew-on Stones onto wire or cord for jewelry making.