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Sew-on Articles

Sew-on Articles are loose crystals that can be easily sewn onto any type of textile or accessory. They can be used in a wide range of decorative applications and have rounded edges to guarantee thread protection.


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Swarovski Sew–On Stones

Sparkling sew–on articles, breathtaking accents

With Swarovski sew–on stones, you can add sparkling accents to all kinds of textiles. The high quality loose crystals have integrated holes, through which they can be easily sewn or embroidered by hand or machine. The sew–on stones are also ideal for threading on tapes and cords and working with wire.

As the only crystal manufacturer on the market, Swarovski places great emphasis on the round edges of the holes. In this way, the threads and cords you use are protected from wear and tear and you can be sure of enjoying the sturdily attached precious glass stones over many years.

Discover Swarovski sew–on stones in many designs

Swarovski sew–on gemstones are available in a variety of hole options, sizes, shapes, cuts and colors to help you find exactly the high quality gemstones you are looking for. From crystal buttons with four holes, classic Lochrosen with a single hole, drop–shape sew–on stones or cosmic baguettes, the traditional emerald cut or the uniquely lustrous Xirius cut: Discover your personal design favorites and then choose the color and effect of your rhinestone applications to sew on.

With a wide range of beguiling colors such as Sunflower and Scarlet and breathtaking surface effects such as Crystal Aurora Borealis or Golden Shadow, your design options are virtually unlimited.

Possible applications for Swarovski stones to sew on

From accessories such as handbags, hats and shoes, to home textiles such as decorative pillows and clothing such as jeans, blouses and cocktail dresses — instantly turn any kind of textile into a show stopper with sew–on rhinestones.

Swarovski's luxurious crystals are also in great demand for wedding fashions and make every bride even more radiant on her big day. In addition, the sew–on stones are often used in competitive dancing. Here the fine crystals are used to create sensational costumes. Be inspired by the magical sparkle!