Rivets Back Part


Rivets Back Parts (56198) for XIRIUS Flat Back Rivets (56101, 56102) and Cabochon Rivets (56106) come in three plating variants: gold, gunmetal, and palladium. These metal trimmings are necessary for attaching Flat Back and Cabochon Rivets to leather: applied from the reverse, they ensure that Rivets are securely attached to the leather surface, enabling stunning patterns to be created on all kinds of leather goods like shoes, bags and accessories. more

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Many Swarovski products, such as Snap Fasteners, Rivets, and Rose Pins can be applied manually or mechanically, using either semi- or fully-automated machines. This simple application technique is used primarily in the textile and accessories fields.

Product Details

Metal Trimmings
Material No.:
Metal Part:
Palladium Plating Brass


Turn inside out and use mild laundry detergent.

Do not use chlorine bleach!

Do not tumble dry!

Do not iron!

The textile can be gently drycleaned using hydrocarbon. Turn inside out. To protect the crystals as much as possible, the use of a soft wash bag is recommended.

The textile will withstand gentle professional wet cleaning. Turn inside out. To protect the crystals as much as possible, the use of a soft wash bag is recommended.



Regular legal monitoring of chemical requirements and reasonable testing provide customers with the comfort of trust in Swarovski’s products.

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