Round Stones

Round Stones are loose crystal elements. Most of them are pointed on the reverse side, making them easy to apply in either metal claw settings or pre-set cavities. The assortment features a wide variety of different cuts.

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Swarovski Round Stones: Fire and Ice

With their extraordinary brilliance, depth of color and intense luminosity, Swarovski Round Stones have timeless allure. Also known as chatons, these loose crystal elements showcase the expertise that earned Swarovski its reputation as a global market leader, and bring to life the relationship between geometry, light and radiance.

The sheer range of colors, effects, and sizes available in Swarovski Round Stones offers designers enormous creative scope. It includes some of Swarovski’s most innovative products, including XIRIUS, the world’s most brilliant cut, and XERO, the world’s smallest cut.

Who are Swarovski Round Stones for?

The beauty and top quality of the Swarovski Round Stone assortment is simply unrivaled in the marketplace. These versatile crystals will fire the imaginations of designers from the jewelry, accessories, fashion, and dancesport segments.

What are Swarovski Round Stones’ Details?

Swarovski’s patented cutting technology creates multifaceted, gemstone-like cuts that catch and scatter light to dazzling effect. For diamond-like brilliance, XIRIUS is Swarovski’s most brilliant crystal ever, the one that comes closest to Daniel Swarovski’s vision of “a diamond for every woman.” XERO is the world’s smallest crystal, no bigger than the tip of a pen nib. As well as chatons, Round Stones are available in Rivoli, Flower, Crystal and Brilliant cuts, which reflect and refract light in subtly different ways. Swarovski also collaborates with emerging and established international designers on special collections that include Round Stone, such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Atelier Versace, and Mary Katrantzou, among many others.

Round Stones are available in a vast range of sizes, from Swarovski’s tiny XERO, the first PP0 crystal that is just 0.7–0.8mm in diameter, up to substantial 50mm crystals. There’s a choice of more than 100 colors and effects (see Color Chart). The palette ranges from rich jewel hues like the ruby-red Indian Siam and intense Capri Blue, through subtle shades such as Light Grey Opal and Smoky Mauve, to shimmering effects that include Crystal Iridescent Green and Crystal Rose Patina.

Where/When Should Swarovski Round Stones Be Used?

Eye-catching Swarovski Round Stones lend themselves to jewelry design; they can also be used more discreetly to embellish accessories. As they have a round view-side and a pointed back, they are simple to use in a range of metal claw settings, and they can also be glued into die-cast forms or settings.

XERO’s miniscule size means that it is particularly well suited to decorating and embellishing watches and eyewear. It can also be used to create sparkling accents such as icons, logos or wording on a wide range of products, and it’s a dazzling addition to designs that use a combination of crystal sizes.

Why Swarovski Round Stones?

Swarovski Round Stones are recognized worldwide for their quality, cut, color and brilliance— boost your brand’s success. Rigorous standards are applied at every stage of production, giving completely clear Round Stones with no inclusions or streaks. Swarovski’s cutting technology is so precise that every crystal within each style of Round Stone is identical in size and color. Unlike others on the market whose color becomes less intense as the size increases, Swarovski Round Stones remain constant. Moreover, our lead-free* Advanced Quality formula ensures that Round Stones comply with the stringent regulations governing crystal production, as well as anticipated changes of the future.

*Crystal glass and all other materials containing 0.009% (90ppm) lead or less.

How Are Swarovski Round Stones Applied?

Round Stones can be set manually using pliers, metal spatulas, or punching tools, or they can be set by machine. Alternatively, they can be glued in place using Swarovski Ceralun, a specially developed, two-component, epoxy composite. It can be used on foiled and unfoiled crystals and comes in a range of colors. Easy application, coupled with a huge range of on-trend colors, effects and sizes, has put Round Stones at the heart of myriad crystal designs.