1185 Pointed Chaton

5454913 Pointed Chaton, Light Colorado Topaz, Line Drawing

The Pointed Chaton is an addition to the the Round Stones category, ad...ding extra variety to choose from. It can be set into Ceralun or glued, including UV gluing. These easy techniques make it simple to use whether applying crystals very precisely or randomly.... Available in an unfoiled version only, the Pointed Chaton’s size and shape, together with its matching front and reverse sides, make it perfect for 3D and tactile designs, as well as introducing a modern way to set pavé crystals. With stone-by-stone setting into cavities no longer necessary, the time saved opens up all kinds of new jewelry designs.

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Round Stones
Rectangle, Square
Material No.:
Light Colorado Topaz
Color Code:
Crystal Colors:
Plain Colors

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