Pavé Infinity Pendant

Symbols that trigger powerful emotions have become popular, especially in jewelry, and the Pavé Infinity Pendant unerringly fulfills the growing demand for meaning and an emotional touch. With no beginning and no end, the infinity knot is a loop that crosses in the middle, symbolizing values that last—eternal love, friendship, and hope. The pavé effect gives subtle, eye-catching brilliance to this feminine, contemporary component, perfect for romantic, avant-garde jewelry designs. The Pavé Infinity Pendant's large holes enable it to be applied either with jump rings, thin chains, or different types of threads, or it can be sewn onto a variety of textiles. more

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There are many Swarovski products that are suitable for sewing . These products can be easily applied either by hand, or with standard domestic or industrial sewing and machines. Swarovski also offers an ideal selection of products for a variety of creative techniques by hand.

Hand Application

Products suitable for sewing (by hand or machine), or hand application (e.g. beading).

Product Details

BeCharmed & Pavé
Round, Oval, Symbol, Other Shape
Material No.:
Crystal, Black Diamond
Color Code:
Crystal Colors:
Crystal, Plain Colors
Ceralun Colors:
Light Grey Grey Silver
Metal Part:
Rhodium Plating Stainless Steel


Do not wash!

Do not use chlorine bleach!

Do not tumble dry!

Do not iron!

The textile may not be dry-cleaned.


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Advanced Crystal

Swarovski’s patented lead-free** formula has changed the DNA of crystal while still offering the same sparkle, dependability, and variety for which Swarovski is famous. (**Crystal glass and all other materials containing 0.009 % lead or less.)


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