Pendants have timeless elegance and are available in a large range of classical and avant-garde cuts and shapes, as well as in many colors and effects. Pendants offer a whole range of design possibilities thanks to their easy application.

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Swarovski Crystal Pendants: A Stunning Centerpiece

Swarovski Crystal Pendants have the kind of name recognition that only Swarovski, which leads the world in crystal brilliance and perfection, can command. Designed to be a necklace centerpiece or a pair of statement earrings, Pendants offer an assortment of styles from classic high fashion to playful symbols and everything in between. As versatile as they are unique, these crystals can also be joined together or paired with our exceptional lines of Crystal Pearls, Crystal Beads, our BeCharmed collection and more. With expertly rounded holes and brilliant faceting, Swarovski Crystal Pendants are objects of beauty that stand the test of time.

Who are Swarovski Crystal Pendants for?

The Swarovski Crystal Pendants product category is a huge, highly functional collection of colors, shapes and finishes that are well suited to myriad designs across a wide range of segments. These include apparel (from womenswear to childrenswear), accessories of all kinds, jewelry, home décor, DIY, and even paper and packaging. With themes ranging from nautical to mystical and celestial to nature, Swarovski Crystal Pendants are perfect as standalone statements or for combining with the rest of our crystal assortment.

What are Swarovski Crystal Pendants’ Details?

No matter what designers have in mind for their fashion and jewelry creations, they know that the Swarovski Crystal Pendant collection can deliver on it, from classic, charming and daring shapes to enchanting colors and creative effects. The collection spans colorful objects from nature, such as the radiant Sun Pendant and Heart, and universal symbols with innovative designs, as in the “staircase” faceting on the Infinity Pendant. There are also new twists on original shapes expressed in the elongated Wild Heart and the Edelweiss Pendant, which recalls our Tyrolean roots in a twist on Swarovski’s very first logo. The collection includes crystals that carry spiritual significance—the Greek Cross Pendant, or the amulet-like Buddha Pendant and Fatima Hand Fancy Stone, for example, which would be perfect for a multicultural statement piece or a bold arrangement when combined with the edgy Skull Bead.

Crystal pendants also have an astonishing variety of colors to choose from, with deep hues such as Montana blue, Siam red and Olivine green, alongside radiant effects ranging from the varied yellow shades in Crystal Metallic Sunshine to the prism-like surface of Crystal Rainbow Dark. New for 2018 is Scarlet, evoking excitement and passion to seize the moment.

Where/When Should Swarovski Crystal Pendants Be Used?

Each pendant in the Swarovski collection has the versatility to be used as a stunning standalone piece in a textile or jewelry design—they add a layer of variety and sparkle in necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, for instance. Swarovski Crystal Pendants also offer endless combination possibilities used in striking arrangements with other crystals in our assortment. The Pavé Hole Ring, for example, is a circular Pavé Pendant with two holes that fits well with Swarovski’s popular Pavé and BeCharmed Pavé collections.

Why Swarovski Crystal Pendants?

Swarovski Crystal Pendants are made using advanced technology, including X-Cut optical measurement and Platinum Pro* foiling, and includes unique Pendant designs such as XIRIUS, a crystal of unmatched brilliance. Their astonishing radiance is achieved thanks to our world-famous surface effects, with the famous Aurora Borealis leading the way. Designed in 1956 in partnership with Christian Dior, Aurora Borealis is created using a metal coating process that produces an effect reminiscent of the mystical Northern Lights. Crystal and Frosted finishes are also available, which add layers of startling beauty. As with our entire crystal assortment, Swarovski Crystal Pendants are lead-free** and meet the highest standards of safety, including Oeko-Tex® certification for contact with skin.

* Silver mirror coated with a platinum colored protective layer.

** Crystal glass and all other materials containing 0.009 % lead or less.

How Are Swarovski Crystal Pendants Applied?

Swarovski Crystal Pendants can be applied in a variety of ways. Popular techniques include sewing, beading, knitting, embroidery, and weaving, while craftsmen and women may choose techniques such as clay modeling, resin or chain mail. High-quality holes with smooth, rounded edges mean that Pendants do not cause wear and tear on cords and thread when used for earrings, bracelets, necklaces and jewelry sets. Moreover, the availability of half-hole Swarovski Crystal Pendants gives even greater flexibility.