Oval Fancy Stone Standard Setting

The Oval Fancy Stone Standard Setting is beautifully designed to provide a secure grip on the crystal by enclosing them with prongs, rather than with glue. There are two versions: 00 C is unplated, with no holes and a closed back, and perfectly suited to soldering and post-plating when making jewelry. H2 O is either unplated, gold plated or rhodium plated, and it has two parallel holes through the sides and an open back, and it’s primarily used for sewing. Ordering is straightforward, as it has the same article number as its corresponding Fancy Stone: just add “/S” at the end of the product number. more

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Soldering / Plating

Swarovski offers an ideal product selection for soldering, allowing for simple and problem-free production of state-of-the-art jewelry pieces and accessories. Further techniques such as plating and stone setting complement the comprehensive and diverse application options offered by Swarovski.


There are many Swarovski products that are suitable for sewing . These products can be easily applied either by hand, or with standard domestic or industrial sewing and machines. Swarovski also offers an ideal selection of products for a variety of creative techniques by hand.


Ceralun is a high-performance, two-component ceramic epoxy composite especially developed for the application of Swarovski products.

Hand Application

Products suitable for sewing (by hand or machine), or hand application (e.g. beading).

Product Details

Fancy Stones & Settings
Material No.:
Open / Holes for Sewing / No Ring
Number of Holes:
Metal Part:
No Plating Brass


Do not wash!

Do not use chlorine bleach!

Do not tumble dry!

The textile may not be dry-cleaned.



Regular legal monitoring of chemical requirements and reasonable testing provide customers with the comfort of trust in Swarovski’s products.