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4499 Kaleidoscope Square Fancy Stone

5492973 Kaleidoscope Square Fancy Stone, Amethyst, Line Drawing

The Kaleidoscope Square Fancy Stone stands for pure joy! Wonderful for... cool jewelry and statement party accessories, it’s one of three classic shapes with a stunning new kaleidoscopic optic generated by Rivoli faceting on the reverse combined with generous fac...ets on the front. This truly eye-catching design looks like a “stone within a stone.” Suitable for setting, gluing and Ceralun, it’s also available in matching settings, while new user-friendly glue-in settings with a ring on top will be welcomed by DIY customers. The reduced height and weight make this crystal well suited to contemporary designs in fashion and bridge jewelry. Available in varying sizes, the versatile Kaleidoscope Square Fancy Stone lends itself to highly “instagrammable” outfits.

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