2205 HF Flame Flat Back

5237116 Flame Flat Back, Light Colorado Topaz, Line Drawing

The Flame Flat Back symbolizes fire, a basic element that reflects our... search for passion and love of life, and reconnects us with Mother Nature, as well as human emotions. This fresh and modern interpretation of the classic drop shape resembles a candle flame... in stunning detail. The similarity is particularly striking in two-tone colors such as Golden Shadow, Light Siam, or Fire Opal. The Flame Flat Back combines well with all the other Flat Backs, Roses, Sew-on Stones, and Flat Back Creation Stones. Use it to create contemporary looks with a sensual, feminine touch or to design romantic patterns such as flowers.

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Flat Backs Hotfix
Oval, Drop, Leaf, Navette
Material No.:
Light Colorado Topaz
Color Code:
Crystal Colors:
Plain Colors
Aluminium Foiling

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