4876/S Female Symbol Fancy Stone Standard Setting

5273244 Female Symbol Fancy Stone Standard Setting, Line Drawing

The universal symbol for womanhood was use as an 18th-century botanica...l sign. This setting is specially designed to accommodate the Female Symbol Fancy Stone, and comes in three versions: 00 C is unplated, with no holes and a closed back, and is mainly used fo...r soldering and post-plating in the jewelry segment. H2 O is the opposite: it has holes and an open back, but it comes in three plating variants: unplated, gold plated, and rhodium plated, and is primarily used in sewing. 1T O has the same three plating styles, but comes with a ring on top and an open back, making it perfect for hanging, rather than sewing, and particularly useful for DIY projects.

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Fancy Stones
Round, Symbol, Other Shape
Material No.:
Closed / No holes / No Ring
Metal Part:

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