Flat Backs Hotfix

Flat Backs Hotfix are loose crystal elements with a flat reverse side that has been pre-coated with a heat sensitive glue. These Flat Backs can be easily applied using heat to produce a durable and long-lasting crystal effect.

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Hotfix – the Swarovski crystals with an adhesive coating

Easy application, brilliant shine: Hotfix crystals by Swarovski 

Whether you have only just started as a designer and wish to stick individual rhinestones on textiles as part of a small project, or you are decorating an entire line of clothing, Hotfix is the easiest solution for you. These self-adhesive Swarovski crystals have a flat back, which is coated with a heat-activated adhesive. Using a transfer press, an iron or a special applicator, the crystals can be easily applied to textiles and leather. Swarovski Hotfix therefore is an ideal tool for fashion designers and interior decorators.

How does the Hotfix application work?

You need a good absorbent material for applying Hotfix crystals. A water drop test is a good indicator of absorption. If the drop is absorbed by the fabric quickly, its absorbency is good and the adhesive will work well. If you want to iron on your crystals, you will need an iron without steam holes to ensure even pressure on the material.

Preheat the iron, place the Hotfix stones on the fabric and apply the iron for about a minute. The precise time and temperature needed will depend on the type of Swarovski crystals and the fabric you are using. The Swarovski Application Manual provides more information.

Tip: An iron is ideal for applying several Swarovski crystals. The Hotfix applicator is better for individual rhinestones.

Swarovski Hotfix: Extensive selection of colors, shapes and cuts

With Swarovski's Hotfix Crystals, you can choose from 61 colors, such as Tangerine or Black Diamond, various effects (Crystal LacquerPRO, Crystal Patina or Shimmer shades) as well as different surface finishes.

The Xirius cut adds a unique glittering effect, while Cabochons, semicircular gemstones, shimmer matte in eleven shades. Alternatively, you can opt for the striking Half-moon Flat Back Hotfix. All Swarovski Hotfix stones are also available in large quantities for wholesale.

Rhinestones to iron on – transfers from Swarovski

How to create a glamorous eyecatcher 

With iron-on rhinestones, you can make design-inspired clothing and accessories instantly sparkle. The transfers from Swarovski consist of exclusive crystals from the Flat Back Hotfix range and can be easily and quickly applied to a wide variety of textiles.

Whether denim, cotton or even leather, apply the luxurious iron-on designs individually or in combination with other transfers to the textile of your choice – and create a glamorous show stopper.

Iron-on motives with infinite design possibilities

The wide range of very different Swarovski iron-on designs consisting of high quality rhinestones creates almost endless design possibilities. Sparkling gemstone images turn a pair of jeans into a fashionable eyecatcher, which enhances any denim design – and a simple belt with iron-on Swarovski transfers becomes an on-trend piece.

The precious gemstones are tailor-made for a glamorous appearance: A colorful, large-scale motif of many different transfers will transform a simple cocktail dress into spectacular haute couture. And with the matching clutch bag with a rhinestone motif, every woman becomes a radiant center of attention. Discover the wide Swarovski range and order conveniently online.

Swarovski transfers – a brilliant idea with many forms

The latest Swarovski Transfer range includes a wide variety of single and multi-color iron-on transfers in many sizes. You will not only discover reduced filigree shapes, but also sensational rhinestone iron-on motifs with up to 18 different crystal components – all made possible by precise Swarovski technology and the unmistakable, refracting stones.

The design range available includes timeless designs, such as Love HeartsStars and Romantic Flowers, as well as vintage symbols such as Baroque-style Heraldic Designs and even modern Emojis, which also bring a smile and the incomparable Swarovski sparkle to textiles. Thanks to their easy application and colorful product range, your decorating and design ideas with Swarovski Transfers can be unleashed.