Flat Backs Hotfix

Flat Backs Hotfix are loose crystal elements with a flat reverse side that has been pre-coated with a heat sensitive glue. These Flat Backs can be easily applied using heat to produce a durable and long-lasting crystal effect.

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Swarovski Flat Backs Hotfix: An Elegant Assortment

For an unrivaled choice of homogenous colors, superbly engineered cuts, unmatched brilliance, precise table sizes, and an array of fascinating shapes, Swarovski Flat Backs Hotfix loose crystals redefine the company’s dedication to excellence. Add to this the easy application afforded by Swarovski Hotfix, and you can see why this component is so widely used across the whole design spectrum.

Who Are Swarovski Flat Backs Hotfix for?

Swarovski’s distinctive Flat Backs Hotfix crystals are ideally suited to most textile-based items and are hugely popular with designers in the fashion, accessories, textiles, and footwear industries. With a self-adhesive layer of Swarovski Hotfix glue that makes them speedy and easy to apply, and a rainbow of brilliant colors and uniform shapes to choose from, these beautiful components deliver for designs of every kind, from DIY projects to production lines.

What are Swarovski Flat Backs Hotfix’s Details?

Swarovski Flat Backs Hotfix loose crystals have completely flat reverse sides covered with protective, silver mirror foiling that enhances their light refraction; they are also pre-coated with an innovative hot-melt glue known as Hotfix. This is a groundbreaking, heat-activated formula specially developed by Swarovski to enable fast application to a wide range of textiles.

The array of shapes and cuts is immense, each with a very precise table sizing and diameter. Categories of shades—all with completely consistent color density—include 61 Colors, such as Tangerine and Black Diamond; 36 different Effects exemplified by Light Siam Aurora Borealis and Crystal Silver Night; Crystal LacquerPRO Effects, encompassing 4 Crystal LacquerPRO Powder hues and 11 Crystal LacquerPRO shades. There are also 5 Crystal Patina tones, including Gold and Black. Shimmer shades come in 16 variants characterized by Hyacinth Shimmer and Black Diamond Shimmer, while Cabochons are available in 11 tones, such as Crystal Scarabaeus Green and Crystal Bronze Pearl, and Crystal LacquerPRO offers 3 Crystal Powder shades: Rose, Blue and Green.

There are around 60 different styles in the Swarovski’s Flat Backs Hotfix category, including classic crystals such as the time-honored Baguette and Edelweiss Flat Back snowflake, which recalls Swarovski’s first logo. Also in evidence are shapes inspired by nature such as Pure Leaf, Raindrop and Flame; exquisite geometries exemplified by the graphic lines of the Square, Triangle and Pyramid Flat Backs; and celestial themes represented by the Moon and the Stars, among many others. Experts know that Swarovski stands for artistry, innovation, and supreme quality.

Where/When should Swarovski Flat Backs Hotfix Be Used?

Swarovski’s distinctive Flat Backs Hotfix crystals come pre-coated with a self-adhesive layer that makes them sought after throughout the world of design. The large selection of styles and colors allows for endless creative combinations across a variety of textile-based items, such as apparel, accessories, footwear, or interior décor.

Why Swarovski Flat Backs Hotfix?

Swarovski is the world’s leading brand for Flat Back Hotfix crystals, and the reason is clear: consistently exceeding the industry standard with versatile, original, and enduring designs, Swarovski Flat Back Hotfix crystals are flawless and quick to apply to almost any textile-based item, thanks to their coating of Swarovski Hotfix self-adhesive.

Among the category’s key components is the famous 2088 XIRIUS Rose crystal, inspired by the brightest star in the constellation, its brilliance and unique faceting unmatched by any other crystal in the world. Popular for decorative use in clothing, fashion accessories such as headbands, and footwear, Swarovski Flat Backs Hotfix crystals prove themselves again and again in stylish looks that withstand the test of time.

Swarovski remains dedicated to sustainable and responsible manufacture, and committed to ensuring crystals that are as safe and environmentally friendly as they are stunning and timeless. Swarovski Flat Backs Hotfix are both lead free* and safe when worn against the skin, thanks to Oeko Tex® certification, while Platinum** Pro foiling, along with X-Cut optical measurement, ensure that their brilliance is protected.

* Crystal glass and all other materials containing 0.009 % lead or less.

** Silver mirror coated with a platinum-colored protective layer.

How are Swarovski Flat Backs Hotfix Applied?

Swarovski Flat Backs Hotfix can be applied using a variety of methods, depending on the scale of production. For large projects requiring crystals application to a production line of items, an industrial heat press, stone-setting machine, or ultrasonic device are recommended; for smaller projects, DIY creations, or for applying individual crystals such as XIRIUS Flat Back Hotfix and XILION Flat Back Hotfix, an applicator tool or iron will be required. Swarovski Hotfix adhesive is activated at temperatures of 120°C–170°C (250°F–340°F), securing the crystals to their carrier material as it cools. Specially developed by Swarovski for application to textile-based materials such as garments, accessories and home décor items, its popularity is enhanced by the fact that it is wash-resistant and easy to maintain.