BeCharmed & Pavé

The BeCharmed assortment, from Beads, Crystal Pearls, Pavé, and Rondelles, to Stoppers and Pavé Balls in a brilliant array of colors and effects, offers unlimited combination possibilities. All products feature a high-quality stainless steel part and a 4.5 mm-diameter hole.

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Swarovski Becharmed Collection: An Instant Classic

Swarovski’s BeCharmed & Pavé assortment is completely unique among crystals. Following the launch in 2012 of BeCharmed Beads, Crystal BeCharmed Pearl, and BeCharmed Rondelle, Swarovski soon built on that achievement with the shimmering BeCharmed Pavé collection. Today, our BeCharmed & Pavé collection is comprehensive, from a huge variety of Crystal and Pavé Beads to Stoppers and Crystal & Pavé Charms, plus more. Not only do BeCharmed Pavés combine beautifully with Rondelles, Pearls, Beads, and even dainty objets trouvés, the 4.5mm hole can be threaded with materials as varied as leather, rubber, fabric, or cord. This opens up a variety of possible style statements in necklaces, bracelets, key rings, and jewelry sets, ranging from contemporary to classic and rock ‘n’ roll to romantic.

Who Is the Swarovski BeCharmed & Pavé Collection for?

When Swarovski launched the BeCharmed & Pavé collection is a dream come true for fashion and jewelry designers, DIY enthusiasts and handcrafting aficionados, gift-makers and, of course, resellers who supply them. They combine brilliantly with other crystals from Swarovski’s assortment to create innovative, highly individualistic designs.

What are the Swarovski BeCharmed & Pavé Collection’s Details?

Craftsmen and women and designers all over the world have a special place in their hearts for the Swarovski BeCharmed & Pavé collection. It’s a creative dream come true, thanks to our huge range of styles, colors and effects. This includes the colorful BeCharmed Beads, the classic simplicity of Crystal BeCharmed Pearls, the slim profile of BeCharmed Rondelles, the beautiful functionality of BeCharmed Stopper beads, and the shimmering crystals that encrust BeCharmed Pavés. All except BeCharmed Rondelles have a 4.5mm hole large enough to thread even with materials as chunky as leather, rubber or fabric, and their high-quality stainless steel inner core carries the “Swarovski crystals” branding. From classic to contemporary, romantic to rock ‘n’ roll, and high-glam to punk, the BeCharmed family makes customization easy for necklaces, bracelets and key rings, as well as whole jewelry sets.

The BeCharmed & Pavé assortment also offers themed collections that are refreshed during the year. These include collections for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, Oktoberfest, and Christmas, along with the Birthstone Collection and even BeCharmed Pavé Flag Beads that bear the colors of the flags of several countries. Add to that our seasonal launches, such as BeCharmed Secret Garden and BeCharmed Pavé Animal Pattern Column, and is it any wonder that this is one of our most popular product ranges?

Where/When Should the Swarovski BeCharmed & Pavé Collection Be Used?

Beads from Swarovski’s BeCharmed & Pavé collection offer highly creative custom jewelry possibilities for everyday wear or to mark a special occasion or big event. Stunning as a standalone statement—thread a single bead onto a metal chain or cord for a necklace or bracelet—its 4.5mm-diameter hole allows even leather or rubber to pass through. Alternatively, use several together on necklaces or charm bracelets, or combine them with the sparkling Pavé Ball and the versatile Pavé Thread Ring for highly individual jewelry sets.

Why the Swarovski BeCharmed & Pavé Collection?

When Swarovski launched BeCharmed Beads in 2012, and expanded the following year with the addition of Crystal BeCharmed Pearl and BeCharmed Rondelle, it was a welcome moment in fashion jewelry. But when it was followed with the glamorous BeCharmed Pavé collection, suddenly every designer’s dream came true, whether professional or DIY. The intricate encrustation of myriad tiny XILION Chatons, XILION Square Fancy Stones, or Baguette Fancy Stones makes BeCharmed Pavé ultra-glam. This spectacularly maximizes the play of light, making each bead shimmer as though lit from within.

It’s the easy versatility and endless design choices, thanks to its huge array of fashion-forward colors and effects, which give the Swarovski BeCharmed & Pavé Collection its leading position in the market. From rock ‘n’ roll to romantic, punk to posh, or contemporary to classic, there’s a crystal to suit every creative requirement. And, of course, the collection is made to the same impeccable quality standards and environmental soundness as the rest of our assortment.

How is the Swarovski BeCharmed & Pavé Collection Applied?

Application techniques range from wiring and beading to stringing and weaving. The standard-size holes are a uniform 4.5 mm diameter with polished, rounded edges that reduce wear and tear on the thread. Swarovski BeCharmed products are ideal for necklaces, bracelets, jewelry sets, and key rings. They can also be sewn by hand onto textiles using a household or industrial sewing machine.