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SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS: BEST IN CLASS Swarovski’s outstanding assortment of precision-cut crystals is the finest in the world, the first choice for a wide range of segments from jewelry, watches, apparel, accessories and cosmetics to architecture, interiors, packaging, lighting, technology—and even movies and entertainment. Whether you are looking for loose crystals, the latest innovations, new products and trends, corporate gifts, application methods, technical support or specialist services, Swarovski will always come up with that extra touch of brilliance. This website will help you discover the exceptional value that Swarovski crystals can offer your business. Enter Swarovski’s light-filled world of glamour and color and browse the Swarovski crystal assortment. As well as classic categories such as Round Stones, Pendants and Beads, you’ll find special edition and seasonal BeCharmed Pavés, plus Designer Editions and standout statement crystals like Swarovski Innovations, many of them created in partnership with top couturiers. You’ll also find products that showcase exciting new uses for Swarovski crystals, such as the nail artists’ favorite, Crystalpixie. Swarovski’s range of forward integrated elements also allow for boundless creativity. From simple-to-apply, self-adhesive motifs, decorative transfers, cupchains and findings, to plastic and metal trimmings and the outrageously glamorous Crystal Mesh, there are myriad possibilities for imaginative embellishment. If you can think it, you can do it! There are many reasons why, five generations of Swarovski family ownership later, Swarovski crystal is still a world-class luxury brand, and the foremost manufacturer of precision-cut crystals across a vast array of colors, effects, shapes and sizes. These are just a few:

Establishing Crystal Industry Benchmarks: Swarovski invests heavily in developing state-of-the-art crystal products, techniques and methodology. Swarovski has set many industry benchmarks: one such is Platinum Pro foiling, which has given Swarovski crystals unprecedented durability by making them resistant to both environmental influences such as water and temperature, and mechanical processes such as soldering and electroplating. Crystal innovation highlights include the unique X-Cut technology, with its advanced optical measurement and high-precision cutting capability. XIRIUS 1088, whose superior fire and brilliance has redefined the market standard. XERO, the world’s tiniest crystal—smaller than a pen tip and weighing only 0.3 mg. Swarovski’s ultra-reliable application methods are designed to fulfill a wide range of uses, and have turned embellishment using Swarovski crystals into something enduring and special. Swarovski provides detailed information on techniques such as soldering, plating and stone setting; gluing; Ceralun; sewing, embroidery, and hand application; mechanical application; care instructions; and the groundbreaking Swarovski Hotfix technology, a gluing system that has enabled flexible application temperatures and shortened application times, while providing excellent adhesion. Swarovski’s state-of-the-art technical services and specialist products, together with detailed instructions, expert consultancy and support, will ensure your products maintain their value.

Sustainability: Product safety, environmental sustainability, and corporate responsibility go to the very heart of the way Swarovski does business, so we are very proud to have patented the revolutionary Swarovski Advanced Crystal formula, a crucial part of our ethos: as a virtually lead-free crystal composition, we are not just compliant with all laws and regulations—we have raised the bar even higher.

Exceptional Service: Swarovski’s customer-oriented premium services are an important element of differentiation in the market. Adding value to customer brands extends from significant price uplift to three types of specialized service: Product Creation, which includes launch events and trend presentations, as well as application and design services. Sell Out, for retail, press, branding, campaign and social media support. And Customer Engagement, which includes meeting SP spokespersons, attending exclusive events, and visits to Swarovski HQ in Wattens.

Add all these unique characteristics to Swarovski’s distinctive heritage, and it is clear why we take such pride in being—and staying—the best. Established in Austria in 1895 by our visionary founder Daniel Swarovski, the company is still family-owned and run. It has enjoyed successful long-term business relationships, many of them with great design icons of our time, such as Christian Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier. But the truth of our story is that, large or small, Swarovski values every professional relationship equally.