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Try a little sparkle

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Crystal Studio

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Crystals at a glance

Crystals at a glance

A quick overview to help you understand the loose crystal assortment

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Use the sparkle of Swarovski stones to add a unique beauty to your apparel design

Nail design & beauty

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From edgy-glam nail art to sparkling components and packaging, Swarovski creates the radiance

Jewelry & Watches

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Use colorful Swarovski stones to add your signature style to sparkling arm, finger and neck

Sport & Show

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Use superbly cut Swarovski crystals to accentuate the graceful lines of the moving body


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Elevate any accessory design with Swarovski’s ever-evolving range of crystal stones


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Crystallize each step for your sneakers, sandals and even slippers

Crystal Studio

Visit the Crystal Studio to find inspiration in all kinds of stunning crystal-embellished designs. These include apparel, jewelry, accessories, footwear, dance and nail art.

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Example of heritage and innovation by Swarovski

Innovate through time

A heritage of innovation

Since 1895, Swarovski has been the pioneering changemaker of crystal creation. Learn more about how innovation runs through our minds, our hands and our machinery.

Example of sustainability in thinking and doing

Care for the planet

Sustainability in thinking and doing

Care for our planet is rooted in Swarovski’s DNA. Our birthplace and headquarters are surrounded by nature. Everywhere we look, mountains, trees and crystal-clear air remind us that Earth comes first. Learn about our sustainability practices.

Why swarovski

Since 1895, Swarovski’s spirit of innovation and sustainability has driven us to create the high-quality crystals that add extra sparkle and value to your designs.

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Application methods

Easy tutorials in text and video demonstrate how to apply the crystals to your creations.

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New and now

Explore the latest products and collections, beautifully reflecting the latest fashion trends.

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Product innovations

Discover the newest innovations, from colors, shapes and effects to tools and techniques.

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* During the time of December 3rd, 2019, 0.01 am CET until December 31st, 2019 11.59 pm CET Swarovski will send you (“Swarovski Gift with Purchase”)

  • for every one purchase of goods in a net value of a minimum of fifty Euros (50€ **): one Christmas decoration pouch filled with crystals;

  • for every one purchase of goods in a net value of a minimum of five hundred Euros (500€ **): one Christmas decoration pouch filled with crystals and a 50mm engraved chaton;

  • for every one purchase of goods in a net value of a minimum of five thousand Euros (5000€ **): one Christmas decoration pouch filled with crystals, a 50mm engraved chaton and will invite you to visit the Swarovski headquarters and the Crystal Worlds in Wattens

** Promotional discounts and taxes not included.

The initiative Swarovski Gift with Purchase is operated and sponsored by D. Swarovski Distribution GmbH, Swarovskistrasse 30, 6112 Wattens, Austria (“Swarovski”).

The Swarovski Gift with Purchase Christmas decoration pouch and the 50mm engraved chaton will be sent out together with your order with no additional shipping costs for the recipient. 

Specifications about the invitation to the Swarovski headquarters and the Crystal Worlds in Wattens: Swarovski will coordinate and plan the trip to Wattens and bear travelling and hotel costs. Included are two nights’ hotel accommodation.

No cash redemption or substitution will be allowed for the Swarovski Gift with Purchase, any right of action and recourse to courts of law is excluded. This offer is only valid while stock lasts.

VISUALS of the Gift with Purchase shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary.

Swarovski crystals — for your radiant business

Discover Swarovski crystals in premium quality

Are you a fashion designer, interior designer, architect or in the entertainment industry? Then let yourself be inspired by the wide variety of loose Swarovski crystals, new products and trends. Swarovski Professional supplies you with carefully manufactured stones for your business in an enormous range of colours, unique effects, shapes and sizes. Until 2013 they were known under the name Swarovski Elements and are thus still familiar to many connoisseurs. Today the official designation is "Swarovski Crystals", drawing attention to the individual stones.

A huge assortment of loose crystals

Loose crystals in almost every imaginable color and shape, exciting special effects and a multitude of application options. The Swarovski product catalog has it all. Whether used in jewelry, clothing, accessories, cosmetics and even the world of film and entertainment, Swarovski crystal products will make your project shine.

Discover our crystal colors:

White crystals
Green crystals
Black crystals
Blue crystals

Round stones, pendants, fancy stones or crystal beads are available in many different cuts, for example the brilliant Xirius cut for a sparkling 3-D effect or the romantic flower cut. The Swarovski product range also includes Crystal Pearls, with a matte finish that imitate genuine pearls, as well as crystal charms and buttons.

Buy the right Swarovski stones for every need

No wish remains unfulfilled: Swarovski's reliable application methods have been developed over many years to offer you as a business customer the widest range of design options. Stick on your gemstones (Swarovski Hotfix crystals), attach them by ironing or stitching them on. High-quality frames and clasps inspire not only jewellery manufacturers.

In our detailed application overview you will find all important information on the correct soldering and setting of Swarovski crystals, the Ceralun processsewing on, embroidery and self-adhesive application as well as valuable care instructions for your crystals.

No matter which product you choose — we will help your business to make a brilliant appearance. Swarovski also supplies wholesalers with larger quantities of goods.

We have come up with something special for the cosmetics industry: Swarovski crystals in liquid form, namely for glamorous nail polish. The Naildesign line "Crystal Pixie" convinces stylists and fashionistas worldwide. Besides glittering nail polish with tiny crystals you can also apply larger flat backs on your manicured nail.

Swarovski crystals — a success story

For over 120 years, Swarovski Crystal has been cutting crystals with perfect precision. The family business was founded in 1895 by the visionary founder Daniel Swarovski and can now look back on a long series of successful cooperations with tradesmen.

Only the best materials are used in the production of Swarovski crystals. Quartz, minerals and sand are processed into real crystals in a complex process. The exact formula is a trade secret Daniel Swarovski left to his heirs. With this formula and a new type of grinding machine, he was the first to produce the finest crystal that sparkles like diamonds. Since then, Swarovski has repeatedly achieved a new breakthrough in the crystal industry: One example is Platinum Pro Similisation, which makes Swarovski crystals resistant to environmental influences and mechanical processes of processing (e.g. soldering). This guarantees the premium quality and high brilliance of Swarovski stones.

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