Yellow Opal Color

Like a drop of sunshine

Swarovski’s Yellow Opal jewelry designs

Yellow Opal, one of Swarovski’s newest color innovations, is a true first in our crystal assortment. Inspired by the natural gemstone Citrine, its bright yellow shade has been given a matte, opalescent finish. Sheer color power and the warmth of fire and sun are embodied in one single Yellow Opal crystal. 

Swarovski Crystal Yellow Opal New Opal Color, Yellow Opal (231)

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Swarovski Yellow Opal on painting of female model

The resulting bold and radiant character of this color transforms every Yellow Opal infused jewelry design into a striking glamorous statement. You can intensify this effect by using smooth and rough surfaces for the setting. Or you mix the matte finish of Yellow Opal with the dark contrast of shiny lacquered surfaces. And don’t forget: opposites attract.