XIRIUS Flat Back Collection

The XIRIUS collection takes crystal one step closer to the diamond.

Improving on the success of the revolutionary chaton cut, Swarovski introduces one of the most intricate cuts in our collection: the XIRIUS Flat Back range. This multi-faceted gemstone-like Swarovski crystal has now been expanded to include Flat Back Hotfix and No Hotfix, Sew-on Stone, Lochrose, and Forward Integrated Elements, using the XIRIUS Rose cut.

Experience a new level of brilliance, scientifically proven.

The exceptional sparkle and light refraction of the XIRIUS Rose cut can be demonstrated scientifically, but is also evident to the naked eye. According to Light-Point-Scintillation measurements, XIRIUS Rose shows an optimized light point distribution compared to other products. By solving the mystery of the symbiotic relationship between light and radiance, advanced materials and cut, XIRIUS Rose unlocks record brilliance in every product.

From 10,000 candidates we chose one star.

Using the most innovative and unique multilayer cut in the market, Swarovski has created the celestial-inspired XIRIUS cut. From over 10,000 photometric simulation cuts, 13 were chosen to be evaluated by Swarovski experts. Three were considered fit for a subsequent market survey, the results of which determined the XIRIUS design be elected as a sparkling new addition.

Check out three of the key features of the XIRIUS Flat Back Collection


Advanced optical measurement and high-precision manufacturing deliver premium cuts characterized by unmatched brilliance.

Platinum* Pro

With its new advanced foiling technique, Swarovski has set a new standard in the lifespan of crystals.

Hotfix Glue

The variable temperatures at which Hotfix glue can be activated enable the application of crystals on a broad range of textiles.

The XIRIUS Flat Back Collection


Last Update: 07 / 2018

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* Silver mirror coated with a platinum colored protective layer.