Mini size Flat Backs

A nail art revolution calls for a revolutionary new product. Swarovski has extended its Flat Back range with an array of exciting additions. Dainty in size but packing a punch, the new family of Mini Size Flat Backs includes Square (2400)Navette (2200) and Triangle (2711). They are unique — nowhere else will you find crystals in such tiny sizes. Ideal for use in delicate, intricate patterns, they give exceptional sparkle to highly detailed, fragmented looks such as nail art, where space is strictly limited.

A perfect fit for nail art

To create crystallized manicures, only the tiniest crystals with perfectly flat backs can be used. Until now, nail artists had been restricted to creating looks using Round (Rose) Flat Backs — previously, they were the only crystals available in tiny sizes. However, with the introduction of Swarovski’s family of Mini Size Flat Backs, the artistic possibilities have been greatly expanded. Indeed, as top designers, salon artists and nail enthusiasts alike seek ever more ways to come up with standout looks, Swarovski is delighted to meet the challenge with its crystal expertise.

Consisting of a Square measuring 2.2 x 2.2mm; a Triangle measuring 3.3mm; and a Navette measuring 4 x 2mm, these versatile new micro sizes fit together to create all manner of striking patterns, as well as simple and stylish motifs. The color palette is designed to complement a range of color schemes: options include classic clear Crystal and Jet, while available transparent effects consist of the famous iridescent Crystal Aurora Borealis and the opulent Crystal Golden Shadow.

Always keen to go one step further with its creativity, Swarovski’s Mini Size Flat Backs also combine brilliantly with the new Geometric Flat Back family — Kite (2771)Trapeze (2772) and Diamond Shape (2773). With their striking versatility, new Swarovski Mini Size Flat Backs say it brilliantly in an endless variety of ways, whatever the design language. Explore the way they fit together in intriguing patterns and designs, bringing an exclusive sparkle to eye-catching styles, including on-trend geometric and avant-garde complex designs. These are crystals for fingertips that point to a fashionable future.

Discover the Geometric Flat Back Family