New Color Graphite from Swarovski

Swarovski Graphite Ring and Crystals Swarovski Graphite Ring and Crystals

In today’s ever-changing high-tech world with its overload of visual stimulation, there is a rapidly growing desire among more and more people for calm and tranquillity. “Down-to-earth” is taking on a whole meaning in many contexts. As a result, a classic look with a serene and mysterious aura is increasingly gaining in demand among both genders, with tastes in fashion jewelry most certainly in line with this movement.

Close-up Swarovski Graphite Crystal 1088 Graphite Crystal

With this in mind, Swarovski created a new color for a wide range of crystal products, “Graphite.” This new innovation not only adds a new dark hue and strong tone to the color spectrum, but Graphite also offers a special variety of trendy unisex combinations.

Its deep, shadowy character is the perfect match for men and women looking for an elegant yet understated look, whilst also working equally as well as a sophisticated accent in edgy looks or as an extraordinary red carpet wear.   

Graphite is available for many loose and forward integrated crystals. For more details, visit our online shop.