Generation Gender Neutral

Gender symbols perfectly capture the prevailing fascination with androgyny, boldly breaking down traditional ideas about sexual identity. Traditional views with regard to gender, race and age differences are out and a rebellious mood is in, marked by a hard-edged, glam-rock “I’ll do it my way” attitude. It’s a new kind of freedom where look-at-me self-expression has no boundaries.

Male and Female symbol jewelry can be formed as necklaces, pendants, earrings and used as design elements on apparel and accessories.

Swarovski Gender Symbol Crystals

Swarovski’s timeless new Female and Male Symbol Fancy Stones showcase gender fluidity, symbolizing the current renegotiation of gender and gender roles. These ancient symbols derive from astrological depictions of the planets Mars and Venus, and they tell the story of human nature and modern society. The Mars symbol represents the male of the species, while Venus represents female.

These striking new crystals are unique to Swarovski and very on-trend. When the Male Symbol Fancy Stone is combined with the Female Symbol Fancy Stone, for example, it suggests the all-important unisex or gender-fluid style direction.

Scroll through our image carousel below for creative examples of Swarovski Female and Male Symbol Fancy Stones.

Ideal for versatile application by hand on accessories, or as a prominent flourish to an on-trend jewelry item, the Female and Male Symbol Fancy Stones consist of a multilayered cut with triangular facets, and come in two different hole diameters:
8x11.5 mm and 30x19 mm.

Make A Statement

They are suitable for setting, gluing, Ceralun and hand application, and matching setting is available. Easily applied by knotting, they can be used in DIY, jewelry, apparel and accessories. As a standalone stone they make a distinctive gender statement; as a design element they are superb for making patterns and chains—for example, the symbols can be connected with a large jump ring and fixed on a metal chain.

Unfoiled versions are best suited for the knotting technique in macramé designs, and foiled versions work best for sewing, soldering and fancy stones applications.