The Subtle Glamour of Crystal Velvet Brown Pearl

A fashionable hint of copper and a silky matt surface give Swarovski’s new Crystal Velvet Brown Pearl a sensuous vintage elegance that celebrates life’s finer qualities. This is particularly evident when its deep, luxurious luster is contrasted with the fiery passion of the new, cadmium-free Scarlet crystal color. Ideal for jewelry and watches, apparel and accessories, as well as DIY projects, these perfect partners create fabulously opulent, highly embellished designs, such as the on-trend popular looks inspired by 1920s Jazz Age decadence.

Crystal Velvet Brown Pearl is an important ingredient that is part of the new Elegantia trend identified by Swarovski’s Trend Intelligence Department, and is at its most visually effective when teamed with a palette of racy brights in bold geometric designs. Key looks are Art Deco-inspired statement jewelry, such as long earrings, cascading necklaces, and pendant watches that reflect the glamour of the early 20th century. In fashion, flapper-inspired pieces create a strong sense of movement with draping, feathering, multi-textured layering, and dramatic detailing, while accessories, such as jewel-encrusted gloves, stockings, and evening bags exude an antiquated luxury.

Available in two silhouettes and a wide selection of sizes, the options for decorative embellishment using Crystal Velvet Brown Pearl are endless.

Choose from:

  • a fully drilled round pearl (5810) in sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12mm

  • a half-drilled round pearl (5818) in sizes 6, 8 and 10mm

  • a coin pearl (5860) in sizes 10 and 12mm

  • and a half-drilled half pearl (5817) in sizes 6 and 8mm.

Swarovski’s innovative technology perfectly recreates the organic beauty of a natural pearl by applying a lustrous nacre-like surface to a solid crystal core. The special technique gives the pearl a unique and mysterious glow that appears to be radiating from within.