Swarovski Crystalpixie™ Bubble: Feel the Brilliance!

Leading the trend in glossy textures, Crystalpixie Bubble is an exciting new addition to Swarovski’s very successful nail art family. More tactile than the stardust-fine Crystalpixie Petite, and smoother than the angular brilliance of Crystalpixie Edge, it owes its subtle shimmer to Swarovski Crystal Galuchat, a crystallized material inspired by the tactile skin of the stingray. Like Galuchat, it is made from uncut crystal balls in three sizes — when clustered together they create a bubbly 3D effect.

This irregular yet smooth surface, which balances the sharp glitter of crystal with the soft luster of pearl, has a subtle surface texture with an unexpected finish. It is an expression of calm, highlighting the continuing quest for harmony and mindfulness as well as the desire for textures that reconnect us with our sense of touch in an increasingly virtual world. As such, it perfectly mirrors the current mindset.

Discover the 6 color themes of Crystalpixie Bubble

Future Fantasy, a retro sci-fi look blasted with neon, iridescence and holographic silver accents, with tiny pearls for an eccentric update on classic 60s Space Age.

Street Star is a mix of 80s skater chic and festival fashion that references neon graphics and dark intergalactic shades.

City Chic’s contemporary street-style elegance takes its cue from shades of silver and gray, gender fluidity, and the casual flow between day, sports and eveningwear.

Midnight Dream is a flamboyant and sensual look full of ruffles, transparency and lacing, which calls to mind the drama and dark glamour of flamenco.

Urban Kiss gives a modern twist to the ever-flattering pink, steering the traditionally feminine color away from romance toward a bolder and more sophisticated treatment.

Last of the new colors is Feeling Wild — it recreates the American prairie trend through a fresh sensuality and a bohemian freedom enhanced by dramatic indigo hues.

Each of the Crystalpixie Bubble colors can be used to transform the appearance of a base lacquer of any color. They also combine brilliantly with Petite and Edge to invent entirely new styles. Indeed, the variety of possible looks is endless. This makes it ideal for playing with DIY nail art designs at home, as well as for application by salon professionals. Look for the special faceted bottle topped with a crystal bubble cap —inside there is a bubbly 5g shot of pure sparkle.