Crystal Leatherette-it from Swarovski

Make your style more personal

Defining your style is no longer just about fashion. Each item can reflect your personality and can be used as an ambassador of style. Smartphones and headphones are typical examples of this concept.

The demand for customization is greater than ever before and thus a key trend for every designer, Swarovski included. Our exclusive and highly innovative solution is Crystal Leatherette-it. It’s a unique application product, based on artificial leather and crystals, and optimized for the industrial processing of consumer goods. Currently, only Swarovski can embed crystals in artificial leather to the highest quality.

Swarovski Crystal Leatherette-it shown on headphones

We only use our best XIRIUS and XILION chatons to bring the brilliance of Swarovski to even the simplest sticker. We also offer numerous customization options for every detail of the sticker. You can currently choose from 10 ready-made Standard Motifs or you can create your own design requests for a Special Motif. For the embellishing of the leather sticker, you can choose between nine different crystal shades and 13 Leatherette color variations. In addition to this, we also offer an embossing service to give Leatherette an additional surface effect.

The personalization possibilities are almost endless. The leather fits perfectly with modern styles based on mixed materials and our easy gluing technique is compatible with various types of hard surfaces. You can apply Crystal Leatherette-it on accessories, cosmetics, interiors, and consumer electronics – such as headphones and smartphones. It’s now easier than ever to express your personal style on any item.