Crystal Fine Rocks by Swarovski

Delightful filigree that makes a dazzling statement

Anyone who likes delicate filigree work will just love Crystal Fine Rocks by Swarovski, with its feminine, luxurious look and vintage feel never out of fashion.

Crystal Fine Rocks by Swarovski on display Crystal Fine Rocks, combined with Crystal Pearls and Metal Trimmings

With a refined surface structure created using small, double-pointed Chatons positioned closely together, Crystal Fine Rocks is a thin, lightweight and flexible crystal appliqué that comes in a wide array of colors and is fully washable.

Swarovski Crystal Fine Rocks phone covers for Samsung GALAXY Note 4 Samsung’s GALAXY Note 4 crystal back cover, sparkling with no less than 4,000 Swarovski crystals.

Its bejeweled surface gives a sumptuous shimmer to jewelry, textiles, soft furnishings, and accessories of all sorts—footwear, bags, and even cellphone covers.

Executive Vice President of the Samsung Mobile Division, Younghee Lee, reveals at Swarovski`s 120th anniversary how the Samsung-Swarovski union took ‘techno-sparkle’ to an entirely new level, thanks to a unique application process specially developed to integrate dazzling Crystal Fine Rocks into GALAXY S5 covers.

Customers can also take advantage of a special motif service, which provides customization options to suit their brand requirements, such as logos.

Swarovski Crystal Fine Rocks including clear and black sparkling crystals

Not only does Crystal Fine Rocks turn the simplest item into a dazzling statement, it’s also incredibly easy to use. Hotfix attaches it to soft surfaces, whilst a Self-Adhesive Element can be used for jewelry. Coming with either transparent or black backing, Swarovski’s Crystal Fine Rocks effortlessly combine beautifully with Transfers, Crystal Rocks, and Snap Fasteners on bracelets.

Bringing romance and glamour to everything it touches, it is no wonder Crystal Fine Rocks enjoys such huge popularity among designers.