BeCharmed Christmas Bead

A Charming Christmas Season 2017

Swarovski BeCharmed Charming Christmas Collection 2017

As a sparkling celebration of all that is loving and convivial about the festive season, the BeCharmed Charming Christmas Collection 2017 captures the essential joy of Christmas and captures it in crystal. There are three dazzling BeCharmed Christmas Pavé Beads to collect: Candy, Angel and Shooting Star, each featuring a stainless steel inner core engraved with the Swarovski® Crystals logo. In addition, there’s a Pearl Bow Pendant and a Pearl Bow Charm, whose traditional Christmas symbolism also contributes to the heartwarming mood.

Candy (82152) is a sweet design inspired by a striped candy cane, a confection often found hanging on Christmas trees and sticking out of stockings. It is made with brilliant XILION Chatons; as well as traditional red and white, it is offered in four other colors. Meanwhile, the enchanting Angel (81922) pictures the celestial figure in XILION Navette Fancy Stones (4228) and a XILLION Pear Fancy Stone (4328) against a brilliant background of XILION Chatons. Wear it all year round as a guardian angel talisman, or simply for its radiant beauty. It comes in four different color combinations, with the red-and-white version making its debut this year. Alternatively, make a wish upon a star with the spectacular Shooting Star (81933) bead. Its eye-catching Rivoli Star Fancy Stone (4745), set against XILION Chatons refracts the light beautifully. This lucky charm, too, offers four different palettes, with red and white making its first appearance.

Complementing the three Christmas beads are a lustrous Pearl Bow Charm (87010) plus its twin, a Pearl Bow Pendant (67571). Reminiscent of a festive bauble, the shining Crystal Pearl is available in three colors that match the mood of the season—Crystal Iridescent Red (947), Crystal White Pearl (650), or Crystal Iridescent Green (930)—topped with either a gold- or a rhodium-plated bow. This pretty finishing touch is an on-trend, all-year-round motif in the jewelry segment, making it ideal for mixing and matching with other pieces from Swarovski’s assortment.

For individualistic design statements, every piece in the BeCharmed Charming Christmas Collection 2017 combines beautifully with Swarovski’s existing BeCharmed & Pavé Beads and Charms assortment. With a standard 4.5mm hole that means they can be easily incorporated into any design, they are versatile enough to be worn throughout the year. Beads measure 14 x 9.3mm, with the pendant 8 and 10mm and the charm 8mm. The collection will be launched on July 3, 2017, with unlimited stock available. Minimum order quantity per Bead & Pendant is 12 pcs, except the Pearl Bow Charm at 6 pcs.