Launch Spring/Summer 2015

Be inspired by the innovative selection of shapes, colors and effects for Spring/Summer 2015.

Swarovski’s Spring/Summer 2015 Innovations include a remarkably inventive collection of cuts, colors, effects, and line extensions. With a distinctive, state-of-the-art originality, they are guaranteed to set customers apart from the crowd.

Under the theme, ‘Traces of Time’, brilliant arrivals such as the Crystal Iridescent Green Pearl effect, the darkly glamorous Skull Bead, and the stunning icicle-shaped Crystalactite Pendants (Maison Martin Margiela for Swarovski) offer consumers truly unique design possibilities.

Crystal Iridescent Green (001 IRIG) - New Effect

Swarovski Crystal Iridescent Green Crystal Iridescent Green (001 IRIG) - New Effect

Thanks to its timeless quality and metallic glow, Crystal Iridescent Green is an asset to any design. It can be used in both traditional and modern compositions. For a mysterious shine add it to dark and metallic hues. Create sophisticated looks by combining it with opals or tone-on-tone colors. Crystal Iridescent Green is a perfect companion for beige and nude tones, expressing refinement and class.

Tangerine (259) – New Color

Swarovski Crystal Tangerine (259) Tangerine (259) – New Color

A strong warm orange tone, Tangerine provides a vibrant addition to the color range.

Combine Tangerine with warm, saturated colors such as browns and golds for a modern, elegant look. Create expressive styles with the contrast of soft greens and blues, or marry Tangerine with darker hues for edgy effects.

Crystal Iridescent Green Pearl (001 930) - New Effect

Swarovski Crystal Iridescent Green Pearl (001 930) Crystal Iridescent Green Pearl (001 930) - New Effect

Swarovski Crystal Pearls perfected with a glowing aura – The shimmering golden-green Crystal Iridescent Green Pearl is totally new - a unique beauty that stands in a class of its own.

Not only does its semi-matte surface offset brilliant crystal elements to perfection, the Crystal Iridescent Green Pearl gives warmth and depth to modern forms by evoking ancient aesthetics. With the high demand for metallics set to continue, it’s destined to become a classic.

Rosaline (508) – Swarovski Crystal Collection Line Extension

Maison Martin Margiela for Swarovski Crystalactite Pendants (Art. 6016/G, 6017/G, 6018/G, 6019/G)

Swarovski Designer Edition Maison Martin Margiela Maison Martin Margiela for Swarovski Crystalactite Pendants (Art. 6016/G, 6017/G, 6018/G, 6019/G)

The Crystalactite Pendants are an exciting, contemporary interpretation of a natural stalactite and were developed in collaboration with the renowned fashion house Maison Martin Margiela. Together with an easy-to-apply hole at the top, the Grand and Petite Pendants offer myriad design possibilities for strong, contemporary designs, and for recreating haute-couture looks.

XIRIUS Chaton unfoiled (Art. 1088) – Swarovski Crystal Collection Line Extension

Swarovski Crystal Xirius Chaton Xirius Chaton unfoiled (Art. 1088) – Swarovski Crystal Collection Line Extension

Due to an increasing trend towards the use of unfoiled articles, we now also offer a comprehensive assortment of unfoiled Round Stones available as "Extended Assortment".

Square Fancy Stone (Art. 4428) – Line Extension

Swarovski Crystal 4428_001_FO_10_FV_MI

Extends the current art. 4428 assortment.

Cushion Fancy Stone (Art. 4568) – New Articles

Swarovski Cushion Fancy Stone

The Cushion Fancy Stone is an elegant new Fancy Stone inspired by classic gemstone cuts.

Numerous colors and effects for the Cushion Fancy Stone are also available without foiling, making it ideal for exclusive and elegant designs. Versatile, modern, and sophisticated, this classic cut and shape is perfect for combinations and fits any design direction. Create confident statement pieces with maximum brilliance, or use this cut with natural materials for a tactile, romantic style.

Setting for Cushion Fancy Stone (Art. 4568/S) – New Article

Swarovski Crystal 4568 S 10 FV MI

Extends the current art. 4568/S assortment.

Mini Oval Bead (Art. 5051) – Line Extension

Swarovski Crystal 5051 001 UF 10 FV MI MI

Extends the current art. 5051 assortment.

Mini Round Bead (Art. 5052) – Line Extension

Swarovski Crystal 5052 001 UF 10 FV MI

Extends the current art. 5052 assortment.

Mini Square Bead (Art. 5053) – Line Extension

Swarovski Crystal 5053 001 UF 10 FV MI

Extends the current art. 5053 assortment.

Mini Rhombus Bead (Art. 5054) – New Article

Swarovski Crystal 5054 001 UF 10 FV MI

The Mini Rhombus Bead comes in a classic diamond shape and is a beautifully delicate addition to the mini bead portfolio. Offered with the same sophisticated, brilliantly multi-layered cut as the popular Round, Oval, and Square minis.

Mini Rectangle Bead (Art. 5055) – New Article

Swarovski Crystal 5055 001 UF 10 FV MI

As a versatile cut offering myriad combination possibilities in size, pattern, and color, the timeless Mini Rectangle Bead is ideal for use in DIY designs, and to create precious highlights in jewelry. Convincing as a minimalist and refined design element, it looks great as a standalone feature or in combination with other materials.

Mini Drop Bead (Art. 5056) – New Article

Swarovski Crystal 5056 001 UF 10 FV MI

A sophisticated juxtaposition of a soft shape with a geometric cut, the Mini Drop Bead offers superb versatility and is ideal for updating any design. Its small size makes it the perfect choice for layering into delicate and intricate looks, or it can be used to offset bigger stones. It looks great when used to add a striking sheen to graphic patterns.

Skull Bead (Art. 5750) – New Article

Swarovski Crystal Skull Bead

The latest precision cutting technology has now made it possible to create the Skull Bead, a unique masterpiece in crystal design. The highly sophisticated multi-layer cut offers exceptional subtlety and delicacy in its profiling of the skull.

An edgy extension of our crystal product range, the Skull Bead fits perfectly with any expressive design direction. As a precision-cut crystal skull, it can be used to create romantic, tribal pieces when combined with other beads and natural materials. It is also ideal for darkly glamorous designs.

Pavé Ball (Art. 86 001) – New Article

Swarovski Ceralun Balls

The Pavé Ball unites Ceralun™ technology with brilliant Chatons, giving it a spherical shape for ultra-versatility.

The Pavé Ball extends the range of crystal balls with its appealing berry shape that offers a multi-sensory sensation and a surprising blend of matte and shine. It also comes in a selection of smaller sizes and a variety of beautiful colors, making it ideal to mix and match with anything and everything to create individual looks that discreetly sparkle.

XIRIUS Raindrop Pendant (Art. 6022) – New Article

Swarovski Crystals XIRIUS Raindrop Pendant

A stunning chaton-cut drop pendant, the XIRIUS Raindrop Pendant is ideal for both elegant and futuristic designs. For the first time its colorful effect is applied from the top, rather than the side, to achieve a homogenous look. When seen from the side it has a classic look, but when viewed from below a dazzling kaleidoscopic effect comes into play.

Use as an eye-catching charm for bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.

Bow Tie Flat Back No Hotfix & Hotfix (Art. 2858) – New Article

Swarovski Crystal 2858 001 FO 15 FV MI

Cut simply to look like a bow tie or bow, the Bow Tie Flat Back – available as Hot Fix and No Hot Fix – has a youthful and playful appeal.

Apply the Bow Tie Flat Back as a single stone, or in combination with other crystals stones. It looks especially effective when applied side-by-side, or used to create patterns.

Butterfly Flat Back Hotfix & FF (fully frosted) (Art. 2855, 2855/G) – New Article

Swarovski Crystal 2855 001 FO 10 FV 2

The young and playful butterfly shape, now available in Flat Back Hotfix, is ideal for nature-inspired, youthful designs. With its Rivoli cut and flat table, it is also suitable for creating fanciful Transfers. The Butterfly is a timeless symbol that is particularly appealing in children’s wear, lingerie, and bridal wear.

The Butterfly Flat Back Hotfix is also available for Transfers.

Rivoli Crystal Button (4 holes) (Art. 3018) – New Article

Swarovski Crystal 3018 001 UF 10 FV

For the first time, the new Rivoli Crystal Button, with its fully faceted Rivoli cut, is offered with four holes – a unique and elegant addition to the family, with all the makings of a true classic.

The Rivoli Crystal Button (4 holes) is extremely easy to apply and can be used as a functional button on clothing, a decorative button on accessories, or as a stunning embellishment in interior design.

Bow Tie Sew-on Stone (Art. 3258) – New Article

Swarovski Crystal 3258 001 FO 10 FV MI

Cut simply to look like a bow tie or bow, the Bow Tie Sew-on Stone has a youthful and playful appeal.

Offering a classic versatility that works with romantic and feminine looks as well as strong and lean designs, the Bow Tie Sew-on Stone is both iconic and fun. Perfect for bringing classic knits up to date.

Crystaltex (Art. 62 000, 62 010, 66 000 - 66 043, 65 000 onwards) – Line Extension

Swarovski Crystals 62000 001 IRIG 012

Extends the current assortment.

Crystaltex Chaton (Art. 62 030, 62 031, 85 100 onwards) – Line Extension

Swarovski Crystals 62030 001 IRIG 012 FV

The magnetic, metallic blue-green shimmer of Crystal Iridescent Green for Crystaltex recalls a mysterious aura, awaken curiosity and attraction. With the high demand for metallics set to continue, this stylish and timeless hue is perfectly placed to become a popular classic.

Additionally to the new effect black synthetic carrier material can be offered for Crystaltex Chaton which opens up completely new design possibilities.

Crystal Mesh Banding (Art. 40 701) – New Article

Swarovski Crystals 40701 001 FO 006 FV

Crystal Mesh Banding offers elegant simplicity and is easy to handle. When creating a bracelet, a Snap Fastener may be used as a closure.

Combining new materials to revisit a Swarovski favorite, Crystal Mesh Banding uses the suppleness and softness of artificial leather to offset the brilliance of Crystal Mesh to perfection. As the rising importance of tactility in design brings objects closer to the heart, stylish alternatives to leather are becoming increasingly popular.

Crystal Stud (Art. 53 730, 53 731) – New Article

Swarovski Crystal Stud 53730

The Crystal Stud is easily applied and suitable for a variety of different materials. It adds an extra dimension to the vibrant mix of colors and patterns in progressive designs, and can serve a function when used as a bejeweled fastener for rubber, leather, and other dense fabrics.

Metallics are very much in demand and will remain so in coming years. The Crystal Stud caters to the growing importance of 3D design elements, creating glistening surfaces with lots of texture.