Romantic Trend: Travel Age

The new “anything goes” attitude has led to an increased desire for unconventional experiences in remote places and cultures. Partly fueled by the “selfie” culture, millennials and Generation Z are expressing their personalities with imaginative and highly individual fashion choices. Romantic, exciting and eccentric; Swarovski’s Travel Age crystal collection offers the chance to express a free-spirited, bohemian attitude.

Swarovski Crystals from the Travel Age (Romantic) Collection

The resulting cross-cultural mash-up is demonstrated in strong, eccentric styles with a look-at-me attitude. Artisanal skills from various cultures come together in print, color, texture and crystal all clashing and matching at once.

Sustainability is also a powerful driver. Reclaimed textiles together with organic and synthetic waste materials are regenerated as new fabrics. They are made luxurious with the addition of crystals. 

Three-dimensional textures with embedded crystal make interesting tactile surfaces, and patchwork created from crystal patterning references the cross-cultural patchwork of today’s society.

In jewelry, this cross-cultural direction is displayed in unexpected material mixes, such as polished metals, leather and synthetics combined with crystal Transfers. Traditional arts and crafts are revisited and given crystal detailing in a unique contemporary aesthetic. 

Ceremonial jewelry pieces, inspire designs that are reinterpreted and enriched with colorful fabrics, crystals, and carved metals. Resin, synthetics and crystals merge with folkloric elements in unusual designs, while bold crystal body jewelry symbolizes our multicultural future. 

New crystal elements in triangular, round and square shapes work together in eclectic combinations to achieve this anything-is-possible design mindset. The mood is perfectly captured in the Tribute to Tribe collection designed by Celine Cousteau. Inspired by her project Tribes on the Edge and through experiences with indigenous tribes in the Brazilian rainforest, environmentalist and humanitarian Céline Cousteau presents her second Designer Edition for Swarovski: pristine tribal symbols that celebrate the interconnection of mankind to nature. 

The Oval Tribe Fancy Stone stands for a new design ethos where global references and mediums are mixed-and-matched to create a contemporary appreciation of the remote and unknown.
The Rhombus Tribe Fancy Stone is a beautiful rendition of a tribal inspired design, inviting us to embrace a multi-cultural future. As an international, almost universal symbol, the cross is deeply rooted in every culture. 

As such, the Cross Tribe Fancy Stone incorporates the message of social responsibility, mutual respect and pluralism. 

Crystal LacquerPRO merges toned-down shine with polished sophistication. The emerald-like Crystal Royal Green provides a high-quality shine that’s the ideal companion for the Tribute to Tribe collection.