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Munich Fabric Start (September 4th - 6th 2018)

Munich, Germany
Booth: H1B02

A Sparkling Occasion: Munich Fabric Start

It’s one of the most important international trade fairs for clothing fabrics, accessories and trims, as well as being Germany’s leading textile trade fair, so don’t miss Munich Fabric Start. Happening twice a year, with the next one running from September 4th – 6th, you’ll find around 20,000 industry representatives, buyers, designers, and entrepreneurs from across Europe in attendance.

They meet to pool ideas in the eight areas of the Munich Order Center, which showcases popular market trends and innovations. Most importantly, there’s a vast number of textile and textile accessory collections, ranging from basic to couture, plus a full spectrum of Swarovski crystal embellishment, offering you a broad portfolio to choose from for the new season. See you there!

Lineapelle (September 25th - 27th 2018)

Milan, Italy
Booth: Pavillion 22, H11- K20

A Story of Excellence: "Made in Italy"

Milan’s Lineapelle exhibition has become the international benchmark for excellence in the leather, accessories, components, fabrics, synthetics, and models industry. Last year it attracted nearly 22,000 visitors from around the world, each one drawn to it by the famous “Made in Italy” style and quality.

This year, from September 25th – 27th a wide range of activities will take place at the convention center and Fashion Trends conferences, and nearly 2,000 brands and manufacturers will showcase an exciting array of products across its 20 pavilions. Don’t miss Swarovski’s booth this year: we have increased its size to a glamorous and sparkling 144m2 booth. This makes an even more luxurious and comfortable space where you can browse the latest inspirations and crystal trends, discuss your requirements, or seek advice from Swarovski’s team of warm and friendly experts. We look forward to seeing you!

Each year Swarovski is proud to be an integral part of a wide range of exciting international events, from art exhibitions and fashion shows to interior design exhibitions and jewelry shows. Whether we are partnering with an artist or fashion designer to put on a show, or attending an industry-leading fair we will bring some Swarovski sparkle and radiance to the event.

If you haven’t yet noted the dates for 2018’s major fashion trade fairs, take this as a timely reminder or you'll risk missing out. It’s at these key events that you'll discover the groundbreaking trends in textiles, leather goods, lingerie, jewelry components, and crystals. Here at Swarovski, we’ve been putting the finishing touches to our new season’s ranges, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you to our booths at our international launch fairs. Just get in touch with your local Swarovski representative to organize an appointment, then come join us and be inspired by the stunning new crystal innovations that will freshen up your assortment.