A Guide to Swarovski Crystal Color Charts and Color Names

What is a Swarovski Color Chart?

The brilliance of Swarovski crystals is matched by the intensity and richness of their colors, and also by the type of coating that has been used on a crystal, which is known as an “effect.” Every spring/summer and every fall/winter, new trend-relevant Swarovski crystal colors and effects are added to update the range.

Accordingly, Swarovski produces individual color charts that indicate which colors and effects are available for each product category. These are published twice a year, and are available as downloads from the Swarovski Professional website.

Consistent depth and clarity of color is guaranteed across all Swarovski crystal product categories, together with the widest color assortment on the crystal market. Colors and effects fall into two main categories: Classic and Exclusive. The Classic range includes all the key jewelry colors, alongside a wide range of eye-catching hues from across the color spectrum.

Exclusive colors and effects are developed in collaboration with international trend agencies. They are exclusively launched by Swarovski and are an expression of the company’s unique creative DNA.

It is important to bear in mind that colors and effects vary according to the source of illumination. For consistency, Swarovski uses standard light source D50 for color comparisons. The color chart is, therefore, only a guide.

How do I use a Swarovski Color Chart?

For an overview of the colors and effects available in a particular Swarovski crystal product range, please consult the color chart that relates to that specific product.

The color chart has an image for each Swarovski crystal color and effect that is available for the product range, together with its unique name and code. Color names follow the following format: Amethyst 204; Light Colorado Topaz 246. Effect names follow a similar format, with additional letter codes indicating the type of effect that has been applied. As the effect is always applied to a clear crystal, all crystal effects have a 001 numeric code. For example: Crystal Golden Shadow 001 GSHA.

Each chart lists colors first. The images are arranged in spectrum order, beginning with clear crystal and running through the entire color palette to jet-black. The effects list follows a similar light-to-dark arrangement. The names of Exclusive colors and effects are underlined, for example Chrysolite Opal 294. (The Exclusive assortment consists of colors and effects developed in cooperation with international trend agencies; these are exclusive to Swarovski and are guaranteed to have trend relevance.)

Each color chart also provides an alphabetical and a numerical list of the colors and effects available across the product range.

Not all articles within a product range are available in all colors and effects. For more detailed information about availability within a product range, you need to consult the product matrix for an individual article. This will tell you what colors and effects are available in each article size.

The color information is segmented in the same way for each product matrix:

  • For Crystals, the segments are: Crystal; Plain Colors; Opal Colors; Gemcolors.

  • For Crystal Pearls, the segments are: Plain Colors; Gemcolors; Neoncolors; Pastelcolors.

The Crystal Effects or Color Effects are listed under the following categories:

Transparent; Metallic; Full Coating; Crystal Patina; LacquerPRO;

Effects are categorized by: Surface Effects, Translucent Effects, Patina Effects, and LacquerPRO Effects. Within each of these categories there are codes denoting the type of effect, for example GOLPA indicates Gold Patina; L104 indicates Powder Blue LacquerPRO.

Variations on these effects are indicated by additional numbers and letters: 2x indicates that both sides of a crystal are treated with an effect; B means that three sides of a cube are treated; V indicates that the effect is used on the reverse of a crystal; Z shows that only part of a crystal is treated; FC (Fully Coated) refers to the Bead assortment, which has an all-over, perfectly consistent application of intense metallic effects.

Can I buy a Swarovski Color Chart?

Digital Color Charts are available in the Download Center. Physical color charts are currently not available, but they will be added to the online shop assortment in the future. If you would like to order one, please just contact us.