Sewing, Embroidery and Hand Application

There are many Swarovski products that are suitable for sewing and embroidering onto garments, jewelry, interior pieces and more. These products can be easily applied either by hand, or with standard domestic or industrial sewing and embroidery machines. Swarovski also offers an ideal selection of sew on crystals and other products for a variety of creative techniques by hand such as beading or wire working.

Which products are suitable for Sewing, Embroidery or Hand Application?

For more information and a complete overview of products suitable for sewing, as well as the machinery and tools required and a list of suppliers, view our eBook’s instructions.

In the Application Manual chapter Sewing, Embroidery and Hand application you will find information and learn about following topics:

  • Product overview and corresponding application technique (machine sewing, embroidery or hand application)

  • Suitable machines, tools and aids and supplier list

  • Selecting the optimum thread for applying crystal products

  • Selecting the stitch type - straight stitch, zigzag stitch or button sewing program

  • Application using a sewing machine

  • Application using a button sewer

  • Application using an embroidery machine

  • Hand application techniques such as beading, wire working or knotting

  • How to cut and sew Crystal Mesh

Browse our Application Manual for the full list of products which can be affixed by hand application, embroidery or sewing and unearth innovative ways to enhance your design.

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Watch the movie to learn how easy it is to adapt a standard sewing foot to an perfect tool for applying single row trimmings.

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Sewing, Embroidery and Hand Application

Application Manual

Last Update: 10 / 2018

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