Mechanical Application

Many Swarovski products, such Rivets, 3D Studs and Rose Pins can be applied manually or mechanically onto different fabrics and other materials, using either semi- or fully-automated machines. This simple application technique is used primarily in the textile and accessories fields.

Which Swarovski products are suitable for Mechanical Application?

Mechanical application enables designers in the fashion, jewelry and interior sectors the flexibility and efficiency required to ensure their designs can be reproduced easily, reach a wide audience and provide customers with a durable product.

Inside the Swarovski Application Manual we explain mechanical application processes such as:

  • How to apply Swarovski crystal Rivets, Rose Pins and 3D Studs to leather and textiles

  • Available dies for the proper and secure application of Swarovski products

  • How to apply crystal products using a fly press

  • Recommended material thickness for each Swarovski product

  • The mechanical application process in detail

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Download our Application Manual for a comprehensive look at the mechanical application process or watch instruction movies to learn more about the application of Rivets, Rose Pin s and 3D studs using different types of application devices.

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Mechanical Application

Application Manual

Last Update: 10 / 2018

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