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Mechanical application

All information and products on the Mechanical application of Swarovski crystals

Swarovski Mechanical Application is a simple technique used primarily for textiles and accessories. Many Swarovski products, such as Rivets, 3D Studs and Rose Pins can be applied with this method, using either semi- or fully-automated machines.

Application Videos — How to use the Mechanical application method


How to apply rivets, rose pins & 3D studs

There are multiple options, products and tools for applying Swarovski products with Mechanical Application methods. Before you begin, check your material strength to make sure you’re choosing the best tools for the job. For more tools and aids, please have a look at the application manual.

Using Swarovski mechanical application with rivets


Machines, tools & aids to apply rivets

A fly press or a semi-automatic attaching machine are easy ways to mechanically apply Rivets. Use a vacuum pump and adapter to allow Rivets to be easily picked up and applied.

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How to apply rivets with fly press

First, check material thickness to ensure you’re choosing the correct rivets; you may need to punch a hole in thicker materials before application. Then attach the appropriate die to the fly press. Rivets can be applied with or without Back Parts, depending on the selected material.

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Using Swarovski mechanical application with rose pins


Machines, tools & aids to apply rose pins

Rose Pins can be easily applied using a fly press, a semi- or fully-automated attaching machine or a Rose Pin mold.

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How to apply rose pins with fly press

To apply Rose Pins, first attach the appropriate die to the fly press, and then place the Pin in the upper die. Position the carrier material and apply. Use the adjustable stop to regulate the offset/pressure. You can also use a centering aid to facilitate the positioning of the small Rose Pin.

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How to apply rose pin with mold

First, Rose Pins are sieved into the cavities of the lower part of the Rose Pin mold using PVC masks specific to each diameter/design. Next, place the base material in the mold. Close mold and add pressure with a hydraulic press to apply Rose Pins to the base material in a single step.

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Using Swarovski mechanical application with 3D studs


Machines, tools & aids for applying 3D studs

You can use a fly press or a 3D Stud mold to apply studs to your material. First, be sure to test your application method on your carrier material of choice—especially when working with stretchable fabrics.

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How to apply 3D studs with fly press

First, position the correct dies in the fly press, then position the 3D Stud in the lower die. Attach the vacuum pump to the upper die, then position the Back Part in the upper die and place your carrier material. Apply the 3D Stud by carefully closing the handle of the fly press. You can also use the linear grid tool to facilitate the even positioning of 3D Studs.

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How to apply 3D studs with mold

Use a mold and a hydraulic press when applying more than 100 3D Studs at once. Carefully follow the steps to insert 3D Studs and use a hydraulic press to apply all the 3D Studs to base material in a single step. Discover all the steps in the application manual e-book.

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Products best suited for Mechanical application


Metal Trimmings

Metal Trimmings are forward-integrated metal products that can be machine- or hand-sewn, as well as mechanically applied to a variety of fabrics, leather and other materials. They are bestsellers in textiles, footwear and accessories, offering endless decorative possibilities.

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It’s all here — the step–by–step instructions for applying Swarovski crystals to your desired material. Read online or download now.


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