Twister Fancy Stone by Swarovski

Swarovski Crystal Twister Fancy Stone in different colors

In times of advancing technology and information overload, our desire to get back to basics and free our minds is rapidly growing. For this reason, modern, airy and purist shapes are attracting increasing interest, with our tastes in fashion jewelry no exception.

Wind has always symbolized freedom and closeness to nature, due to its unique power and characteristics. In recognition of this, Swarovski has created the Twister Fancy Stone.

Swarovski Crystal Twister Fancy Stone

Inspired by windmills,  the Twister Fancy Stone represents the symbolic effect of wind in a beautiful and dynamic shape. The streamlined facets and smooth edges of this quality Swarovski crystal leads the eye to believe that there’s a motion to the stone – even while still. The Twister Fancy Stone is a wonderful match for other classic Fancy Stone shapes and is an ideal standalone piece for cool, clean looks, whilst also  acting as a perfect centerpiece for modern minimalist styles. This elegant crystal  can also be used as an eye-catching addition to opulent evening attires.

The Twister Fancy Stone comes in three different sizes: 6 mm, 10.5 mm and 17 mm. For the ultimate wow factor, why not use this dynamically shaped crystal in all three sizes and arrange them as a set.

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