‘Faded memories’ Opal Colors from Swarovski

The nostalgic trend for retro styles remains as strong as ever.

‘Classic’ recognizes the contemporary mood and takes its inspiration from a simpler, more carefree era. ‘Classic’ reflects our profound desire to climb aboard a jet-plane; set sail into the horizon; put the hood down on the Cadillac; feel the grass under our feet and the wind in our hair, and escape from 21st-century life…

At Swarovski, we have encapsulated these halcyon days in our ‘Faded memories’ range of the finest quality crystal jewelry.

Luminescent opal hues light the way, with transparency and translucency remaining a strong trend. Tone-on-tone crystals and monochromatic opaque finishes complete the vintage look.

The vibrant colors of the crystals are washed with a Polaroid haze reminiscent of endless summers past, drawing inspiration from vintage American billboards beaten by the sun.

Striking geometries and shimmering textures play with contrast and add a new twist to traditional shapes, avoiding sentimentality and modernizing the look.

Authenticity is the watchword as the new crystals hark back to the playful days of our childhood, for a less homogenized time when the individual was allowed to run free…