Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Settings Take a Step Forward

New Swarovski crystal jewelry setting New Swarovski crystal jewelry settings

Swarovski’s finely calibrated crystal jewelry settings have recently undergone major changes designed to allow further and easier processing.

The first significant development is the use of a brand new base material, Tombac, which is often utilized in the jewelry chain industry. Tombac is a brass (copper-zinc: CuZn15) alloy selected for its particular properties, which include optimum deformability, strength, and hard soldering capability. It contains a minimum of 70% copper; when the amount of zinc in the alloy is increased, so its strength increases proportionately, causing it to become yellower. Due to the fact that silver provides a good connection with copper, its high copper content means that Tombac can be soldered very well with silver-based hard soldering.

Additional significant developments include plating layer sizes that exceed the market standard; a setting height that has been reduced to the minimum; and a new curved prong design featuring round edges that give a premium look. Moreover, for textile applications, the holes at the edges are positioned further apart in order to achieve optimal stability.

These new and improved settings are available now, including new Round Stone settings (1122 and 1088) as part of the standard assortment. In some cases, prices have been reduced—please refer to our price list for up-to-date information. Lead times have also improved: standard settings can be delivered in two weeks.

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