New Crystal Pearl Colors by Swarovski

Crystal Irisdecent Blue Pearls

We are proud to introduce the new Crystal Iridescent Blue Pearls by Swarovski. Launched in two shades of blue, the pearls fuse a rebellious street culture found in cities across the planet with a deep-rooted emotional need for companionship and togetherness. This softer side of the look is expressed in more muted tones that convey a sense of belonging.

Crystal Iridescent Dark Blue Pearl has been created by smoothly blending sapphire blue at the center with purple on the outside; Crystal Iridescent Light Blue Pearl merges pale blue at the center with light violet on the outside.

These classic, timeless tones are homogeneous across the assortment. The pristine pearl coating on their smooth surfaces produces a fascinating silky matt effect—both shiny and muted at the same time. Perfectly suited to modern, romantic looks, and appropriate for any occasion or season, each looks superb as a standalone piece, yet works equally well in combination with each other.

Further blends that work together harmoniously are Crystal Iridescent Light Blue paired with Crystal Shiny LacquerPRO effect in Crystal Summer Blue, as well as Iridescent Dark Blue with Shiny LacquerPRO effect in Crystal Royal Blue. In common with the rest of the Swarovski Crystal Pearl assortment, holes are consistent in diameter.

Crystal Irisdecent Red Pearls

People are responding to the increasingly globalized world by exploring a cultural mix of styles and designs. Colors reflect a rediscovered love of individuality and eccentricity by cleverly merging multiple tones.

The pearl coating of Swarovski’s Crystal Iridescent Red Pearl oscillates between seemingly impossible extremes, smoothly blending dark “elephant” gray at the center with rich wine red around it.

The finish is simultaneously silky and matt, making for a stunning standalone crystal piece with cool, edgy looks. With a whole diameter that’s consistent throughout the product range, as per the Crystal Pearl assortment, it’s a perfect match for the new Crystal Dark Grey and Crystal Dark Red Crystal LacquerPRO effects.