The Kite Fancy Stone

The design world has taken note: people no longer want to be defined by just one look—they cherish individualism, versatility, and the freedom to express a multitude of styles. The Kite Fancy Stone, in its contemporary form, is shaped in different sizes with colorful Swarovski crystals which complement jewelry pieces as well as elaborate patterned designs.

The minimalist mindset is defined as the range from modern anti-establishment rock ‘n’ roll styles, to boundary-breaking cross-cultural looks, to a new approach to casual workwear.

The Kite Fancy Stone manages to cross all divides with ease. With its slim, minimalist kite shape, its asymmetrical faceting that brilliantly catches and reflects the light, this new crystal does the seemingly impossible and appeals to all mindsets at once.

Swarovskis Kite Fancy Stone

The Kite Fancy Stone comes in three colors and seven effects with four hole diameters:
10x5 mm, 14x7 mm, 18x9 mm, and 23x11.5 mm.

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Minimalist Inventiveness

This brilliant new contemporary shape, with its multilayered cut and reduced height and weight, make it perfect for rings, earrings and textile applications in the jewelry, apparel, accessories and DIY segments. Browse our pages for further information and advice on how to customise Swarovski crystals – like the Kite Fancy Stone – with care.

Design possibilities are limitless: in the bigger size, the Kite Fancy Stone looks stunning as a standalone piece; in the smaller sizes, its graphic modernity complements mosaic and floral designs beautifully. Swarovski Fancy Stones will enhance a contemporary look – on jewelry or fabrics.