Swarovski's Framed Flat Back

A subtle Edginess

Recalling the vintage gold frames of times gone by—often considered, in themselves, works of art—the Framed Flat Back 2078/H is designed to create the illusion of a stone set inside a smooth, shiny frame. When the stone in question is XIRIUS, the most brilliant crystal on the planet, the effect is one of subtle edginess—less aggressive than Crystal Spikes, but enough to give a dash of cool glamour to apparel, footwear, fashion accessories, and DIY segments. However, when Framed Flat Backs are combined with Crystal Spikes, the outcome is a dramatic, rebellious attitude that goes beyond merely edgy into a serious eco-rebel look.

Swarovski Crystals Flatbacks Perspective

The huge popularity of the Framed Flat Back lies in the fact that it looks like a rivet, but it is flatter and can be applied quickly and easily using Hotfix glue—what’s more, at a lower cost. It also answers the demand for the rugged elegance that comes when metal is combined with crystal, while at the same time communicating a sense of timelessness. 

Now, both the Framed Flat Back’s functionality and aesthetics have undergone a major upgrade. With three sizes, as before: SS16, SS20, and SS34, the metal frame is now available in a choice of three plating colors: gold, silver, and gun metal, and with a greatly improved quality. But perhaps the most apparent change is the explosion of new colors that have been added to the assortment. Having started with 5 crystal colors and effects, the Framed Flat Back palette now boasts an additional 10 colors and effects. Each is configurable with any of the three platings (gold, silver, gun metal). If one considers that Framed Flat Backs are available in three different sizes, this brings the number of options up to a total of 90.

Also upgraded is the efficiency of the application process, with an optimized Hotfix glue surface and a metal part that features higher corrosion resistance than ever before. In addition, in order to make the process quick and straightforward, application instructions have been added to give easy-to-follow, useful guidance.

Just as opposites so often attract, the glittering iciness of Framed Flat Backs works particularly well in combination with Framed Cabochons’ pearly luminescence. Together, they facilitate the clever mix of materials so adored by Millennials and Gen Z, with their preference for industrial-inspired looks that reflect a type of sophisticated authenticity.

Crystal glass and all other materials containing 0.009 % lead or less.