Crystal Rainbow Dark Effect from Swarovski

Contemporary design may be gender-neutral, but there’s nothing neutral about its color spectrum. On the contrary, the look is characterized by strong iridescent and metal tones, captured perfectly in the dark, oily pattern of the exciting new metallic Crystal Rainbow Dark Effect from Swarovski.

A quality milestone far removed from cheap mass production that would help complete any crystal jewelry collection, its edgy glamour mirrors the younger, more irreverent attitude that defines the new-generation consumer. A blurred surface, together with color gradients that are unique to every single pearl, reference the new “non-gender” thought process. In an era of massive change regarding how consumers identify themselves, old rules are being thrown out, stereotypes are dead, gender roles are no longer defined, and design speaks only of beauty.

Crystals with the new Swarovski Crystal Rainbow Dark Effect

The Crystal Rainbow Dark Effect comes in Round Stones, Fancy Stones, Beads, Pendants, Flat Backs Hotfix, Flat Backs No Hotfix, and Sew-on Stones, as well as Transfers Hotfix. Flat Backs in SS 5 upward are included in the assortment to provide optimal combinations, with the distinctive dark, oily design most visible in sizes SS 29 upward. All the common application techniques work efficiently.

The Crystal Rainbow Dark Effect shows excellent resistance to abrasion, as well as to chemical, environmental and mechanical influences (UV, sweat and perfume, for example). However, it has limited resistance to saline and chlorous mediums, such as that found in seawater and road salt. This means it is not recommended for swimwear or products liable to come in contact with these mediums.